Hey sister, so great seeing you here.  I love that you came to me, asking about my styling sessions.  I really value that you trust me to look after you.  We’re going to have so much fun uncovering your style.

Will I have to get my clothes off in front of you?

Babe, only if you feel comfortable.  I am no size 8 and know it can be embarrassing getting changed in front of others with your mum undies and bad bra on, or maybe you’ve got your sexy matching knicker set on, to make you feel outstanding. Either way, it’s up to you, but I reckon, you’ll get far more out of our session if you do get changed into the outfits we are styling.

Will you laugh at my clothes?

Honey would you laugh at my clothes?  No, there’s no way I’d do that.  This experience is special for you and you’re allowing me into your home, your sacred space and I’ll honour that.  With your permission I’m helping to find your style in your wardrobe and to get you to look at things anew. I want you to walk confidently into the world, head held high, styled in what you already own. If you see value in that, then you may like to book me to go shopping with you, but baby steps right? Let’s get your wardrobe sorted first.

What will you do though? How does this work?

I’ve loved putting outfits together since I was a little girl.  My love of style came from my gorgeous mum and grandmother. Firstly my grandmother.  She often wore a kilt with a  gorgeous brooch or pin. Her favourite colour was moss green and her jumper or cardigan always matched her skirt or kilt. My mum though, wow, just wow. She’s 70 now and rocks a fabulous personal style – all her own.  And that’s what I want to achieve for you.  Not being 70, but a confidence within you to style yourself daily. I suggest that you sort out your clothes that you want help with first, the clothes that you love or don’t know how to style. Or maybe the one trick pony that you brought on a whim and don’t know how to style it.  Then we’ll work on mixing and matching them with some sex, drugs and rock n roll, or you know, embellishments (like a scarf or necklace or a roll of the sleeve).  I’ll take photos of you in the outfits we style, so that you can access the pieces and looks we have created anytime.  At first you’re gonna feel awkward.  I can see it in my client’s faces, “jesus, what have I done, this woman is in my bedroom, going through my closet”. But quickly, I’ll  make you feel safe and secure. There’ll be banter, hard questions and some quick decisions. I will try to shake off some of the style shackles you’ve put yourself in and help you to embrace a whole new wardrobe.

But I don’t like what you wear!

That’s okay, I do. This is about you and what you wear that matters. I love how I look and what I wear and this is why I do this.  I want to share that joy with other women and make them feel more confident and crack open their own style game. ‘Cause you got this babe, you just forgot it was there or haven’t unlocked it yet.

What makes you think you can do this?

Well I know I have confidence in my style and I like what I put together. I’ve run my business for three years now and the older I get the more confident I get with my knowledge and understanding of what women want.  I’m a trained Personal Stylist with a Diploma in Professional Styling and have a piece of paper and a professional stylist card to prove it –  if that floats your boat.  I’ve got a tonne of testimonials from happy clients.  I have an innate ability to put an outfit together and feel great in it and I have the ability to do it for others.  My mission is to help women find their confidence through style. I have achieved that with my clients already and I know I can do this for you. One client told me the experience was “life changing and everyone should have me in their closet”.  I want you to feel in control, with me riding shotgun, as your navigator.

Why do you do this?

Because it inspires me to help women. There are so many of us out there going about life just okay. One of the ways that can make a woman feel great is through her styling. This doesn’t mean dropping a wad cash, wearing designer clothes or being a snob. This means her dressing daily with purpose and attention. Attention on her. For her.  You don’t have to be getting accolades for your outfit (though, be honest, it’d kinda nice when you do), you just have to love what you have on and I guarantee you, like armour, it will help you face the day ahead.

Okay then, let’s get started, here’s my wardrobe…

Don’t be scared sisters, you are so bloody worth the effort.

Love EJ

Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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