Leaving your place of work is a little like entering into life through the birth canal.  It’s often a long, lonely walk, down a corridor of memories and then swooosh, you’re outta there.  All too soon you’re “EJ Who” or “the girl that was here before you, she did that”. I can count on one hand the amount of places I have left, loved and will miss.

My first job in television was a five year love affair of mutual admiration and the first time I experienced separation anxiety about leaving.  But I left there in a hurry to have an emergency c-section with my first born and never got the goodbye cake fest and piss-take of the pregnant women party.   My current job (Sisterhood of Style is my part time passion business) is a little like the TV job.  I love the people but it was time to spread my wings and do a little flying into the unknown. It wasn’t to have a baby though, so I did the hand in the notice thing and waited out the notice period, trying to be helpful and productive, but feeling a bit like a spare prick at a wedding.  So it got me thinking, how do you exit well?

Here’s my top four on the sliding scale of stylishly exiting the building.

For a start, buy donuts, they were a treat and a dozen Dunkin Donuts looks pretty spesh. Share them with your team and make them smile.

Don’t  gloat about the new role.  Only talk about it if asked, speak highly of it when asked and then move on.  To be fair, it’s only on the penultimate day that my grin was hard to hide.  It’s not that I am grinning because I’m happy to be leaving, but I am tremendously happy about where I am going, so that feeling is kinda infectious in the face department.

Start wearing all the clothes you haven’t been able too. img_2954I work in a corporate environment, so while this outfit will work just fine in the new roll, I wore a denim top today with wildly yellow trousers.  It was a little risque today and that felt a smidge naughty but incredibly freeing.

Lastly, which I guess is technically fourthly, leave (them) wanting more (of you). Don’t be too quick to skip outta there.  Go gently into the night.

I go into my last day with a sense of completion and finality.  I have my outfit planned, my lipstick primed (my kid is not gonna want to kiss me goodbye today) and a long winded speech prepared about some to the highlights and lowlights that turned into highlights or funny moments.

Goodbye old friend, you are missed already.

Have you got any stories from leaving work?

Mmmmwah, EJ, the mother of the sisterhood.




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