Sisters, it’s Friday – TGIF and all that jazz.  In fact, let’s do a little tippy tappy jazz hands dance. What are you wearing this weekend?  Are you hiding behind active wear?  Do you want a bit of inspo?

I’ve done some trawling for you and have found a few spot on pieces that will make your weekend wardrobe look as good as you feel on the inside.

Winter weekends for me are spent on the side of a pitch, shopping with clients, working around the house, making mischief with friends and hanging with my small humans.  I need what I wear to be versatile but cute, damn cute.  I don’t want to be beige.

Weekends like mine are common, hugely diverse and in need of an injection of awesome wear, that can be relaxed, versatile, dressed up or down and make you feel fabulous.  You deserve to shine.  So Sisterhood of Style has come up with a few top tips for weekend dressing with style.


Think of leopard print as a neutral – wear it as an accent if you aren’t sure on the whole “neutral” option yet.  Wear leopard or animal print on your feet or as a coat (check out this puppy) and it will spice up any outfit.

Add stripes – they make a dull outfit awesome and look great with everything – and I mean everything.  Check out this option for a complete weekend look.  

Winter is the time to put layer upon layer upon layer.  The more the merrier and a great way to mix and match styles and prints.  Try layering up a dress with a fabulous faux fur gilet or a floaty dress with merino layers  and a heavy jacket over the top.  Another great look of the moment is to pair a shoe string strap dress with a tee underneath and you could overlay with a denim jacket.

Long line cardigans are a great asset – over jeans and trainers, like this look.

Get a cute hat or beanie to complete your look, give your outfit a lift and keep you warm.

Wear a lipstick.  Seriously, I can’t give lipstick more cred, it makes your eyes pop, it helps brighten your face and it will complete even the most ordinary of outfits. Check out what Stylist Magazine had to say about red lipstick.

Have you got a terrific weekend outfit that you can share with the sisterhood? We’d love to see it.  Tell me what you are going to be rocking this weekend.

Have fun out there sisters.


EJ xxxxx

Mother of the Sisterhood of Style



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