Date night.  It’s an American concept that has filtered through marriages & love matches around the world.  I was a long time listener but first time caller once I became a parent.  But date night doesn’t apply to just parents, no way sister.  The concept is for couples to take the time out and celebrate being a couple.

Huffington post tells us that date night is important because it allows time for romance, fun and commitment (which is kinda important in a love match isn’t it).

Auckland’s Heart of the City want us to have date nights, so we can check out their awesome love bite suggestions 

But for me, Date Night allowed/s me the chance to get out of the house, without cereal and a small human attached to me.  It was also a chance to shine in an outfit.

Since then, I’ve realised I am worth more than just waiting for date night so that I can shine everyday, in all my outfits, but back then, not so much, it was baby-steps.  So my point is, yes date night is important for you as a couple, but it’s equally as important for you, simply you, gorgeous, wonderful, amazing you.  Dress for him, or her, but dress, most importantly for yourself.

The power of a great outfit will anchor you.  You may be feeling less than your best but an outfit can help transform you into the most awesome version of you.  It will coax your inner awesome out and give you the boost you need to get yourself out of the house, especially if you are a new mum or coming back to yourself from a low point.

So get amongst it sisters, celebrate yourself and your beau and dress up or dress down, but make the outfit count.

Want some inspo for date night outfits?  Here’s a couple I prepared earlier…just add some accessories and lippy and you got yourself a date.

Movies and a Burger

Walk in the Park (technically date day)

Glam drinks

Stay at home date 

And remember, coming home from your date night by half past eight is perfectly acceptable – just continue the date in your slippers and PJ’s!  🙂

Date night before 6pm and after 8.30pm….


I’ll leave you with this…..Coco Chanel has a quote attributed to her that sums it up beautifully. “Beauty begins, the moment you decide to be yourself”.


love EJ 

Sisterhood of style x

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