It’s December. That most wonderful time of the year.  It’s full of festive fun, cheer and spending.  It’s like all our collective brains switch to festive mode and we all take a turn down crazy town lane, spending money on all of the things, race around decorating our houses, wearing all the nice clothes and generally act like loons, like we don’t have jobs to wake up too, kids to look after or Christmas Dinner to cook.

But I love it all really, like really I love love love Christmas.  There is nothing better than the nostalgic Christmas music, ours will be ringing from our house from 1 December, right through until Christmas Day.  We will get our tree this weekend.  The advent calendars will be filled with chocolate and the letters to Santa will be magically taken away by Santa’s Elves one night and I will get a “Christmas Day outfit” especially purchased for the occasion and likely teamed with some naff Christmas dangly earrings that glow red.  Did I mention how much I love Christmas? Does everyone get a Christmas Day outfit?  Or is that just me?

What I do find a little tricky at this festive season though, is what to wear from day to night. Don’t you find sisters, there   There is a combo of work and parties and playdates and kids stuff that I have to juggle and that requires likely the same outfit for all of those things, in one day, one evening even.

So here’s where I thought I could help, because I thought you sisters may have the same busy schedules and dilemmas.  So from me to you, I wanted to  share the top five things you can do to make it easy to transition from work / mum wear to festive party outfit in five minutes.  Say what now?

Here’s how it’s done.

Shoes – wear casual trainers or flats for the daytime and then swap them out with a heel, for an instant outfit lift.  I’m wearing a leopard print heel in the photo, because it never goes out of style, and makes any outfit sing like a star.

Makeup – Wear some.  Nuff said.  Oh ok then, I’ll elaborate. Wear makeup lightly during the day for work or mum-life.  Then, when you are ready to get your party pants on, break out a festive red lipstick or a rich dark pink. The deep colours will lift and brighten your face and add the essential “I made an effort” glow.

Hair – If can’t stand the thought of trying to style it after work or during kids dinner, before you go out, with a mascara wand trailing all over your face as you provide your kids a well-balanced meal, well, then use a quick spritz of use some dry shampoo to turn that hair from drab to glam. For longer styles, put your hair up in a messy top knot at the start of the day.  It’ll last the distance if you use some gentle hair spray and look like you gave a crap but are messily elegant.  Well that’s what I’m calling it!  Use windswept if you must.

Jacket – For the evening option, mix and match a jacket that you haven’t worn during the day – for me, this leather look Max jacket in dusky rose pink is my go too to help an outfit along.

Jewellery – swap out and around any jewellery you have.  Make it subtle during the day, so that the evidence is there that you’ve made the effort for the evening shift at the party.  Big bold earrings like these from H&M are a winner.


So there, that’s it, all done and dusted in a five-minute switcheroo.  You probably will need some other essentials like deodorant and perfume, fresh eye make up and a hint of blush, but I couldn’t fit that in to a top 5.

What will you be wearing this festive jolly season?

Mmmmmwah, Merry Christmas, love EJ, Sisterhood of Style. x

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