I gotta chill and it’s multiplying. I have Gucci envy and it’s been lingering for a while now. I think the envy might be love and I want to go steady and go all the way.


The latest few seasons of Gucci is amaze. This collection of women wearing their Gucci pieces mixed with their other wardrobe pieces is everything. It hasn’t helped that Gilda Kirkpatrick was throwing down some heavy Gucci love, every week on Real Housewives of Auckland and my adoration grew.

New Zealand was so slow to get any designer stores, but since we did, I have only entered Gucci once. No one helped to serve me, so I just stood looking at the shoes like a dog salivates under the table for the last piece of roast chicken at Christmas. New Zealand now has Louis Vuitton, Dior, Prada, but it’s Gucci that gets me all hot under the collar.  The other time I entered their store, was in Sydney, on a girls trip, where I just about sank into the gorgeous prints, fabrics and shoes on display. I had to be carted out of the store, knowing I wanted more.

In my head I rationalised that $885 for a pair of Gucci gold shoes was totes do-able, if I didn’t buy anything else, no other purchases, probably have to flag eating and drinking too, but hey, Gucci shoes, they’d be worth it right? I walked away empty handed but I simply couldn’t stop thinking about them (still haven’t).

Then the next shop I walked into (it was Zara, Queen of the look-a-likes) I found a gold pair of pumps, unadorned like the Gucci babies, but gold, low heeled and I thought perfect. So similar, would it quench my thirst, I thought so.  But it wasn’t to be.  I haven’t worn them since.

So the adoration continues.  Every bit of Alessandro Michele’s (Gucci’s Creative Director) designs just make me swoon.  I am like a magpie drawn to the trompe-loeil (an artistic illusion), the colours,  clashing prints,  crazy designs (there are shoes in the latest collection with tails), the extravagance and even the nearly practical nature of it all.

I have never aspired for designer clothes, it’s not in my nature to want something, just because it’s expensive or society considers it to be a status symbol.  But this stuff, this is like my crack. Can I say that?  Cause you know sisters, crack is whack but Gucci got me high.

So rather than just moan to you about it and think it’s not possible,  I’ve started a Gucci fund, based loosely on Sugar Mamma.TV’s  The $1000 Project.  I’m not dabbling in shares yet (that would be far to Gucci of me) but I’m looking to save little by little and in turn, potentially turn that saving into an investment and use the returns to purchase me the Gold Shoes.  Like Cinderella, I really wanna go to the ball and my glass slippers better be gold.

While I wait and save and salivate, keep me company and share your salivation starvation stories of the sartorial kind.  Or you know, just let me know if you’ve ever coveted a piece of fashion royalty and what did you do about it?

Yours in a Gucci haze, mmmmwah, EJ, the mother of the Sisterhood of Style. xo

Images all from www.gucci.com (bookmarked favourite x)


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