Well hello there.  I’ve been missing you.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog or follow my Instagram & Facebook  @sisterhoodofstylenz, you would know that I’ve been a little out of action lately. But I won’t go into that now, as you can read all about that here. No, this blog is all about how to be stylish – from your bed. Or is it?

After I posted my blog on my hospital adventure, I had one dear follower who asked me to write about what to wear when you’re convalescing.  I took on that challenge with relish.  For about half an hour. Then the painkillers wore off, the mind numbing tiredness set it and I spent the next week either sleeping or preparing to sleep and didn’t give a hoot as to what I wore or what I looked like.  I felt very little except tired and emotional and a wee bit sore.  I had bruises and scars, stitches and plasters.  I could only muster enough energy to wear a T-shirt and pyjamas and at times, there may have been no bra. I’m not kidding.

I mean sisters, I have never been more tired, even more so than after an all-nighter on the ran tan at university AND with a newborn baby combined.  This was tiredness on a scale I hadn’t experienced before.

In my last post, I regaled you with my gratitude, that my cup runneth over for the love I felt for my people.  Those that sprang into action in every which way possible, sending magazines, bringing me cups of tea, looking after our boys, buying us meals, providing baking, company and chats. And my cup is still running over.  But once you are home and just focussing on keeping upright, I say that what you wear becomes less and less about style and totally all about comfort.  So, the short answer to what to wear when you are convalescing – is whatever gets you through baby.  And I mean WHATEVER.  If its your undies and a T-shirt, then do it.

Tongue firmly in cheek, I took this selfie on my first day home (there were plenty of hospital drugs still in me then and I am not sure I was of sound mind), but I thought it would be funny to channel Carmen Miranda and add some earrings before a bestie delivered some meals for us.  The effort of having a shower AND washing my hair sapped all my energy, so putting in the earrings was a mammoth effort. But I did it, because I thought it would make a good selfie (always thinking of the sisterhood).  But after that, I took to my bed, entertained her on my bed and then promptly went to sleep when she left(that is not supposed to sound in any way X rated, but am fully aware it does, regardless).  This photo was the only photo I took of my “style” over the past week and a half. Enough said. #nofilter

I am not suggesting my convalescing was long by any stretch of the imagination and I know there are plenty of sisters out there, battling far worse than me.  But it was long enough for me and my little family and while I would like to say I have learnt a lot about myself, I just can’t, because it was until Saturday that I managed to leave the house beyond my gate.  I got dressed and stayed dressed and felt like having a conversation with more than my family.  I got knocked around, but, now, I’m back again.

So really, there is no way to be stylish, except within yourself, when you are recovering from surgery or convalescing.  It should (and rightly so) be about your wellness, not your style.  But I will say this.  Wearing those earrings sure did make me smile for 5 minutes.

I thought I would add some suggestions for anyone going through a similar ordeal or is at home concentrating on their wellness:

  • Netflix & Lightbox ruled my world.  Outlander, House of Cards and The Crown kept me occupied.
  • So did this book “It was you”, by Jo Platt, that I read on my kindle.
  • Accept with graciousness the food, baking and magazines your friends and family provide and please make sure you pay it forward sometime.
  • Have a shower, it helps.

There that’s it, no rules here, except for sleep, rest and repeat.

Mmmmwah, EJ, the mother of the sisterhood.  xo


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