Hands up who wants to feel like Beyoncé, every goddamn day.  (imagine the hands up emoji here). I know I do.  So I will. I decided I would.  No one else, just me.  She’s fierce, fabulous and rocks her own style like no other.  You see, there’s no better magic than the magic in you sisters ,and I reckon you have it in you to bring it out and hear it roar.

My musings today started off being about accessorising, but when I thought more on this and started writing, I realised I just want you to feel less overwhelmed at the thought of “being stylish”.  I overheard another sister talking to a friend the other day saying that it was easier to wear stretchy pants and a sweatshirt, then it was to put on a great outfit.  I had to hold my tongue at that, but what I should have said is that it’s no harder putting on an outfit with some style involved, for instance, a skirt, a good fitting T-shirt and a necklace or scarf with a pair of white trainers (they don’t have to be high-end) that it is to put on a pair of black stretchy trackies or yoga pants, a top and a zip hoody.  Is it?

Well, if you still think that’s a tough one, here’s  3 easy steps to try and shake you out of your yoga pant groove and into a “Beyoncé state of mind”.  These can all be achieved without spending a single cent.

Add an accessory – try adding a colourful scarf, or a chunky necklace.  You could add some colourful earrings or a snazzy belt.  Own that snaz.  This is a quick way to jazz (and snaz) up an outfit with relatively little effort.  Now I challenge you to go into your deepest darkest parts of your drawers and wardrobes and dig out that accessory that you’ve stuck at the bottom of the pile.  Now put it on and own that sucker!

Wear your hair differently – try it and you will notice a difference.  Admittedly, this may be easier for those sisters with long hair, but you can always give it a go, even with a short style.  You could add a temporary colour if you have shorter hair, or try brushing your hair with a different parting, flipping it from the root to the other side, to add volume, like Riawna Capri does.  If you have long hair, try a fringe (I got one last week and it’s a keeper) or for something less permanent, you could a fierce do (Beyoncé styles) or a top-knot.  The trick with the top-knot is to not try too hard, make it effortless by pulling and brushing all your hair up onto the crown of your head, wrap and bend into a band and fasten with bobby pins.  Trying new options for your hair is often the number one way to rock your style, without spending a lot.

Challenge yourself – next time you reach for your stretchy black yoga pants and sweatshirts, take one of them off and add something with a bit more style (and it will look like you made just that little bit of extra effort).  If it’s the pants you take off, add jeans or a skirt, style it for relaxed look with trainers and the sweatshirt, do your hair and add a bit of lip gloss.  Just bring yourself up, one notch on the style ladder and by simply giving yourself the time and owning your own confidence, you will start to feel that little bit “more” for yourself.

Before you go, I wanted to share this.  I  know that you are likely feeling the pressure from society, from social media, friend and family  to “like” certain looks, but don’t forget to listen to your own inner voice telling you, knowing you and trusting you to like what you like. Your style journey is unique to you, whether it be wanting to gain more confidence in style after losing weight/having a baby, losing your boobs to a mastectomy or breastfeeding, or having lost yourself through a huge career or raising young children.  But I know you want to feel confident, so badly. And you want to find your style in order to help yourself shine.  You want to feel fantastic, mysterious, fun, causal at the right time and smoking hot the next. You don’t want to feel confused or embarrassed by your wardrobe.  So sisters, be like Beyoncé, every single day, feel like a a queen. Allow yourself the pleasure of feeling great about yourself everyday. If you need some extra encouragement, repeat after me WWBD?  (What would Beyoncé do?).

Mmmmwah, love EJ, the Queen of the Sisterhood of Style

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