My belly is on fire for the women I want to help and the sisterhood I want to be a part of. Styling looks so flamboyant and untouchable to most people and I hear them say to themselves “I could never do that”. But I want to tell you sisterhood – yes you can.

Styling is not an elite sport, it’s not for “everyone else”.  It is an awesome opportunity to create the external message you want to portray.

Spending time on yourself, taking care of how you look is not vanity.  It’s a careful curation in helping you to put your best self forward.

Your not trying to win Miss World – though a sash would be nice. You’re trying to be the very best you and styling yourself right can help that.

Back to the very first people who put clothes on, we have seen embellishment and adornment being used to better the outfit.  By adding pops of colour, a necklace, nail polish, a favourite brooch, it’s saying I care, I like this. It’s not saying (unless you want it too) “look at me”.

I want you to know that you’re allowed a personal style and it can be whatever you make it.  But make it say something. If you rock all black, then let that be your style, but do it to the best of your ability.

If you’re a busy, frantic, fabulous mum who needs to stay in active wear all day, cause it’s easy, you didn’t shower after your walk and you get hit with a bits of food all the time, then so be it. But let’s make sure you take the time to rock some great hair, get your nails did or feel bloody marvellous in that active wear.

If you work in a corporate and they expect a certain look, don’t hide from that, rise up to embrace it and the power that “power-dressing” can provide you.

Most of all though, personal styling is about offering you the opportunity to feel confident in your wardrobe and in what you wear on a daily basis.

I fluctuate between slouchy mum wear to an all out colour explosion and print extravaganza.  I usually only wear all black when I am  I in my active wear or when I have my period.  But that’s me, not you. You maybe completely different and that’s ok, I’m here to style you, not your size or in my style.

Personal styling can be your luxury, in fact, let it be your luxury.  It can be your investment in yourself, where you say I’m going to take the time to look good, feel great. I want my confidence back. I am so worth this experiences. I don’t want you to say you aren’t worth it or it’s for “other” women.  So why not you sister?

Don’t get lost in a sea of everyone. Help bring back that stunning smile and recognise yourself again, or finally discover who she is.  Be that through a wardrobe edit, a personal shopping experience or a style workshop.

When you’re ready to book, you can find me here: or click here for my packages.

You are fabulous and sensational and so freaking worth it.


EJ the mother of the sisterhood of style.

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