Full disclosure here lovelies, I LOVE dressing up, I love helping my clients dress up and I love putting outfits together, so this may not be an entirely out the blue post.  But hell, it makes me super happy.

I just discovered the wonders of the Polyvore app (probably 5 years late) but I’ve been a tad busy raising boys.  So until I started Sisterhood of Style this year, shopping apps were for buying, not styling.  Imagine my delight and perhaps, soon to be yours, when I discovered Polyvore was more than merely online shopping.

Oh yes sisters, as I gazed lovingly on another pair of far too expensive shoes (Gucci Chunky Loafers if you must know), I strayed far when it asked me to download the app.  Sure I thought, another shopping app for my SHOPPING app folder, nothing new here and I definately need it, not.  But wait, there was more.

Suddenly, I was thrust down a rabbit hole into app-appreciation land when I discovered that Polyvore allows you to “style looks”, save them and also share them on your own social media accounts.

A couple I prepared earlier:

Sisters, I am a lucky girl as I get to raise two boys, but you know, raising boys doesn’t give me a whole lot of opportunity to style up my kids – there is a lot of nylon in my house.  I always imagined if I had girls, then we would be twinning all the time and I would be awash in tulle and sparkles, unicorns and princess crowns.  But since this wasn’t in my life’s gameplan, I feel like Polyvore has given me back a little of that magical dressing up chance.  It’s like an adult version of playing dress ups with your dolls.

I can put outfits together, shop from those looks or even better, help my clients style up their outfits, no buying necessarily necessary.

Have you been using Polyvore for more than shopping?  Are there other apps you love out there that would help sisters with their style, please share in the comments.  Just after I discovered Polyvore styling, I then found the VILLOID app.  Yes, another one.  See you in a few years.

Love your work Polyvore, from a very happy mum of boys and stylist to some awesome sisters.

Mmmmmwah EJ x


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  • theemmakat
    Posted May 13, 2016 1:25 am 0Likes

    Polyvore is SO fun!

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