So it hurt a little, I’m not going to lie, but my seven year old is pure honesty, made up of sharp jabs, gorgeous words and delicious snuggles, so I took it like a boss and moved on. Well I moved on after I had told him a wee tale of how words hurt and how they should be used to make people feel good, not to bring people down etc etc…lesson over for the day.

But then I may have mulled it over some more and it got me thinking, WTF do you mean my legs are chubby, you little ba*&%^d?  I carried you around for 9 long months on these legs, you were late and cruising in my tummy as I struggled in 31 degree heat. These legs have carried me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively), they’ve walked me toward your dad on our wedding day, before we even thought of you, they’ve led me up mountains, through streams, trudged me around shops and cities, wide eyed with wonder at the sights my eyes were seeing.  They anchored me when I gave birth to you too.  These legs of mine have led me on adventures, slipped out from under me and landed me on my arse.  They’ve let me pogo in moshpits in front of my favourite bands. These legs have held me up when I thought I couldn’t go on and they have sat me down when I need to rest. They get clad in lycra to make sure I move my body, every single day.  Who the f*&k do you think walks the dog everyday?  Hmmmmmm?  (ok, maybe I took this harder than I thought)

Those words are easily brushed aside with adult rationale and he’s just expressing his opinion, he’s allowed it and there will be other lessons to learn together, but I digress.  I’m sharing this little ditty of my life, because I think it’s something the sisterhood, us women,  some of us mothers, some not, seem to have to embrace in life – the barbed words that talk about our bodies.  These words are not always meant to cut, but they do regardless, even from a seven year old.  Why do words talking about our bodies seem to hurt so much? Make us feel less when we should only be grateful for these bodies of ours?  My wish for the sisterhood is to let hurtful body shaming words run off us like water, down the drain and to not let them soak in, don’t let hurtful words sap you of your confidence, own your body and it’s fabulousness.  If you need to do something about it, then do, get outside, get moving and be proud you have a body that lets you do that. Wear things that make you smile, feel fabulous and embraces the confident, kick arse woman you are.

I’ve been walking around on these legs for 42 years and that needs to continue for a while more, so I am going to take these legs and keep trucking on. When my kid said these words, I was in my walking gear and they were encased in lyrca.  Fair play, possibly not the most flattering item in my wardrobe, but they were purpose built to allow me to walk fast, sweat and not chafe.  Job done.

It got me thinking though, how do I style my legs usually?  Well I know what suits me, I know I don’t need to accentuate my upper thigh, but I don’t mind showing them off in my shorts, that hang above my knee.  My latest style love is the maxi skirt, long and flowing and allowing a hint of leg when I want it to be seen, rather than flashing all the goods at once.  Another trick I use, is to elongate my legs with nude heels when wearing pencil skirts or any heel at all to give them a boost when in trousers too. I wear long tops over skinny pants, for proportion and a sleeker silhouette. And when I goddamn feel like it, I wear a short pencil skirt, to the knee and rock some heels.

Most importantly though, I refuse to hide these legs of mine, I am grateful for them, they do their job and they are the only legs I have. I’m stuck with them, so you’ll see them in lycra, in maxi skirts, shorts and even togs – to hell with the critique, these legs of mine are freaking awesome.  Next on my list of things to do is to watch the documentary Embrace and really get down with my bad self.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.  So there.

Mmmmmwah, love EJ, the mother of the sisterhood and owner of these legs of mine. xoxo

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