Let’s hear if for the girls, let’s give the girl a hand. Sometimes she don’t talk sweet, but I don’t really mind.  I know some may say I swear like a potty mouthed trooper but I’m 42 so I think I earned my stripes. And (I’m gonna swear now)……..I just want to say thank fuck for you.

I’m celebrating the sisterhood today sisters, all of you and then some.  You’re a fabulous bunch of style mavens, queens, mothers, non-mothers, brilliant, kick-ass sisters.  I felt you deserved some celebration.

When I set my first style challenge on Instagram this week, I didn’t realise the bond it would create with strangers.  I have been so awed and impressed at everyone that has played along, messaged me personally, posted their pics on Instagram, shared their style creations and played along  with their sisters on the other side of the world.  It brought tears to my eyes and told me, I’m on the right track, the Sisterhood of Style is here for the right reasons.

So I thought I’d say thanks to the sisterhood and share my top 3 style secrets and how you can achieve your own Sisterhood of Style.

Make yourself count.  You are awesome – everyday, in every way, you get better and better.  I think that was in a children’s book I read once, or maybe it’s reminiscent of Judy Bloom’s “Are you there God it’s me Margaret”. I think I’m digressing.  As we age, we go through so many facsimiles of ourselves, we morph and we change like we do our underpants, but one thing I know to be true – once I hit 40, I felt more myself than ever before and that feeling gets stronger and stronger. So celebrate your age, your style, how you feel about yourself.  Don’t be beholden to who or what you think you should be.  Remember self doubt is a total dick. Let go of any hangups and just be you, you are plenty. To add to how you feel about yourself, make sure you present yourself in the very best way.  Your style says a lot about who you are and what you think about yourself, so make it count.

Break out of your comfort zone.  Try pushing yourself to try something new.  It doesn’t have to be a big something, it just has to be something.  Move forward.  From what I’ve seen with my Sisterhood of Style challenge and those using #sisterhoodofstyle this week on Instagram, there was a whole lot of trying new and pushing out of comfort zones.  It’s a marvellous thing. Keep going.

Show your own style. Consider your body shape, your attributes you want to accentuate, the things you love.  Is it your eyes, your rocking hips, your fabulous legs, your insanely amazing boobs, your defined waist, your gorgeous feet?  Hold that thought. Then consider what colours affect you, what colours make you happy and makes your eyes shine.  Buy those colours, accentuate those features that you love and don’t be afraid to have a signature style.  Mine is eclectic-bohemian with a dash of corporate funk. I made that up. And so fucking what, I don’t want to conform, I just want to be me and to be kind.  Not sure what that means? Well I love leopard print, stripes, maxi skirts and dresses, fitted but not tight pencil skirts, structured jackets, denim, printed trousers and bright colours and I do it with a smile on my face. I also like embellishment.  In fact, embellishment is the QUEEN of everything to me.  I am officially a magpie I’m that attracted to baubles and shiny things, feathers and accoutrement. So that’s mine, what’s yours? Take some time to hone it and own that sisters, it’s uniquely yours.

Love you all, this Sister is one happy mother of the Sisterhood of Style this week. Remember, if you need help in showing your style, then let’s talk, I can help.  Email me at emma@sisterhoodofstyle.com for a chat.

The challenge this week and some of the things I wore.  Head on over to @sisterhoodofstyle #sisterhoodofstyle to see more.


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