So there’s a dress that you love but it hangs in the wardrobe because you brought it for a wedding and you can’t see past the event you wore it too, to wear it any other way. It’s an awesome dress and you want to wear it more, except you can’t visualise how.

So I thought some Sisterhood inspo was needed after I had the same dilemma after wearing such a dress to an wedding last year and now, I  wear it many different ways.

I am the hunter of bargains, of style that is affordable, wearable and doesn’t break the bank. As much as I hanker for a pair of Gucci gold shoes, I can usually be found of the high street or online sales, making fashion work for me and my personal style.

Last year, I brought a dress from Glassons (check it out in the snaps below).  It was a fabulous find – navy and lace – a combo that just works for me and I snapped it up in a heartbeat.  But I purchased it for a specific reason, buying it months in advance for a winter wedding.  I did wait for the wedding to pass before I thought about how to wear it again, and then as I loved the dress so much, I have since worn it to another wedding, an engagement party and a 40th, styling it slightly differently each time.  But that wasn’t enough, I didn’t just want it for events, I wanted to use it as an everyday option.  I’m not a huge worrier about wearing an outfit twice in front of the same people – what a waste of a great outfit!  So I love doing a little something different – like adding a new accessory, trying new shoes, hair or makeup with it.  Mixing up what outer layers I wear with it helps keep things fresh too.

I want you to get just as much out of your wardrobe – make it work harder for you.  By doing so, you gain double, if not treble the “outfits” from a single piece of clothing as the core piece and you can spread that money further. If the hero piece is short-sleeved,  like my dress in the photos – consider adding a base layer underneath in winter, or a kaftan or sharp tailored jacket in summer.

I hope this gives you some confidence to try doing this yourself – have fun, mix things up with looks you haven’t before and you may be surprised at what you find.  Please share how you get on with your styling…

Mmmmmmwah, love EJ, the mother of the Sisterhood of Style xo

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