I am a huge fan of ankle-boots.   A few years ago, not so much.  Well, a few more than a few years ago to be exact.  Pre-motherhood I was all about the knee high boot (cause damn girl, you look hot in knee highs right?) but that was about it.  Ankle boots didn’t come into my line of sight.  I thought they were a bit old fashioned, and truth be told they probably were a decade ago.

But once motherhood hit and my sky high heels didn’t really cut the mustard at my mothers coffee group, I had a change of heart.

There were nerves – “what about the cankles?” I screamed inwardly, “what about my thick calves?” I sighed. But that was the BS talking.  Cankles and calves be damned, I wanted to look stylish, walk around easily, not poke my toddler in the eye with a stiletto and actually feel fashion fit.

So I branched out, it was fun and it was fabulous.  Suddenly the cankles I thought I had were hidden (they aren’t really there) by a gorgeous little boot.  The other great thing about ankle boots is that they are summer and winter ready.  They look amazing with shorts, skirts and dresses in summer and then double up with tights in the winters and hey presto, a new key look.

IMG_8188 And then I became enraptured with the Chloe Susannah Boot but at a cool $1800+ (NZ )it wasn’t high on priorities.  Well it was, but you know, common sense prevailed before I hit “buy now”.

But it got me thinking about trends and not always wanting to pay the heavy price of designer ones.  I love a bit of both, high end fashion statement options and a few bits and pieces from the high street that support that high end look.

So I hunted out some look-a-likes.  Ones that I knew would satisfy my lust for this particular look, but fully aware that I wasn’t likely to keep them in my wardrobe for years.  I was delighted to find quite a few options out there, but finally settled on these Rubi Boots.


I feel chuffed to find a pair of boots that I really like, are comfortable, make me feel rockabilly chic and a little bit country.  I like that I did my homework, tried on several options, settled on the one that looked most like my original hearts desire and boom!  I got the boots.  Happy girl.

So now my wardrobe has a few pairs of ankle boots, including my buckled, bedazzled splendid soles – helping me to walk confidently in any occasion.  My hubby is even talking about buying me a pair of high-top sneakers this year (I will report back if this happens).  If you see him, tell I am keen on the REEBOK high top, just like the ones my mum rocked back in the 80’s.  😉

Get yourselves suited and booted my sisters.

mmmmwaaaaah  EJ x

From the featured image – clockwise from top left:
Chloe Susannah Boot approx. $1800NZ – check out Polyvore for more styles.
Wittner Jerome Boot $249 AU
Rubi Lloyd Boot $69.95 NZ
ASOS Arrive Boot $84 NZ




  • Jenny Parham
    Posted April 29, 2016 12:40 pm 0Likes

    Ha – saw these at the mall just after I saw you this morning – excellent – too much with the animal print pants??

    • www.sisterhoodofstyle.com
      Posted April 29, 2016 3:07 pm 0Likes

      Never say never Jenny? 🙂

  • smattler
    Posted April 29, 2016 8:20 am 0Likes

    Thank you EJ! I went looking for ankle boots last night as they have just appeared on my radar and couldn’t find any that I liked. I’ll check out Asos and Cotton On. Unfortunately the Chloe’s are a bit out of my budget ?

    • www.sisterhoodofstyle.com
      Posted April 29, 2016 9:18 am 0Likes

      What a pleasure to get your comment. You will never turn your back on an ankle boot – they are so versatile! Enjoy your shopping.

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