Hello my sisters from other misters – (please imagine the guy who does the voiceovers in the movies, reading this to you) –  Welcome to the world of power-shopping.

I’m not going to lie, I am giving myself tremendous kudos here, but I’m a professional at it. I think I deserve some sort of certificate or degree, maybe I’ll just add it to my Insta profile “trained power-shopper”, that should do it.  Then the inevitable questions start – who trained you? What University did you get this degree from?  Well, the University of Life actually, that and a total lack of time.
“Power-shopper”; I like to think the term was coined in the 80’s by a shoulder padded jazzercised Jane Fonda type – knowing she had a black tie affair that night, but had a zillion things to do in between and some leg warmers to wear – but she did have a spare half hour at lunch, so she decided to blitz it at the mall on her lunch hour. Jane Fonda or maybe Melanie Griffiths in “Working Girl”.

So what is it? It’s an intensive, singular shopping experience, where you task yourself with the goal of finding particular items and you do not deviate from said action or roam the shops for other items, going majorly off-task. Your laser focus is key and attaining the item the prize.  I should mention here that the Urban dictionary term “power-shopping” as being for people who generally don’t like shopping and do it out of necessity. But I say phooey to that! Let’s celebrate the power-shopper, it’s rewards can be great.
So how do you do this thing then?  Power-shopping is best done alone, with a list in hand and some pre planning of which shops are based where so getting around the mall is easy.  Yes, I recommend a mall, so you are in close proximity to all necessary items.  Warning, do not got to a mall you’ve never been into. This takes the power out of the power-shopping. High-end boutiques are often too gorgeous, too sparkly, too damn pretty to not spend more time in, so they don’t often fit into a multi-shop power-shop.  But, if like me in the past, you have had your eye on a piece in say, Sass and Bide, then let your fingers do the walking, ring ahead to the store, have the item put aside, go in, try it on, buy it, leave.  Thats called the single shop, power-shop.  But I digress.
What might you be looking for?  It might be an item for that nights party, or a jacket for the lunch on the weekend away and it’s Friday morning and you leave at 2pm and there’s little time but you can’t forget about it; or there are items you need, have had on a list for a long time but life keeps getting in the way, which is why I thrive on the power-shop.

I’ve mentioned on my blog before that I’m a busy girl, kids,work, life to tackle. Plus I have boy branded kids and no matter me trying to not stereotype them and encouraging them to shop with me, their fathers’ gene pool is stronger here than mine and they refuse point blank.  So I don’t get a whole log of shopping time in.  The power-shop suits me perfectly.

Funnily enough, in June, I have challenged by Facebook followers @sisterhoodofstylenz to Don’t buy, just try and style what you’ve got, in celebration of #JunkfreeJune. So there won’t be much power-shopping in June for me.  But just wait until July!  That’s going to be epic!  🙂  Follow me on facebook and join in the fun.

Have you ever, do you ever power-shop?  Share your story of power-shopping in the comments below, I’d love to hear them.

Mmmmmwah xxx




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