The trials and tribulations of denying yourself the jacket you most want. Why? Because I was I was starting to resemble a potato in a really great jacket…for the full story, read on.

So sisters, the world has gone mad and sometimes I reflect on my desire to boost women and their confidence through style and I think, is this the right thing, right now? And you know what,  you betchya.  My reason for this season of style?  Because it’s more than just the outer layer that I want to make feel fantabulous.  I want to inspire you feel fantastic on the inside as well.  And if we have fantastic feeling people, just one of  you may make the world a better place.  Lofty dream I know.

But dreams and a world gone mad aside, I segway quite hypnotically into a bomber jacket bummer.

I’ve been hankering for a sexy bomber jacket for a while, ever since I saw Rizzo wearing one in Grease. I fancied myself a mix of Rizzo and Sandy with a side of Frenchie.  If I could have a pink ladies one, I’d be game set and match.  But I digress.  I love the silk luxe look of a bomber, mixed with the edgy coolness of the sporty kind.  But what I loved the most, the thing that made a bomber sink or swim?  It was what was on the back.  The back had to have game.

So I would trawl shops, online and off and see if I could locate me a bomber.  I’d never tried one on or deemed that it would suit me, because I was already blinded by the silky motif splattered gem and I knew when I found the right one I would get sweaty palms and breathe a little faster.

Well sisters,  I found her.  She was black, she was blue, she had a pink, blue, grey, and black collar.  I turned her around and on the back sat a majestic bird floating on a sea of flowers.  I was SOLD.  I strutted with MY bomber into the changing rooms.  I shook off my coat I was wearing, hitched the collar of my shirt and raced to the put the bomber on.  And that my dear sweet sisters is where the good times stopped.

I faced into the mirror, switching this way and that, from side to side, reviewing the look of the bomber with what I had on.  Joggers and a Tee.  Perfect bomber wearing attire.  Then I tried it on over a striped dress to try another look.  Then I went back to the joggers and Tee.  Then I tried it on with a different size dress.  You see what’s happening sisters?  I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole or more likely, wide hips with a jacket that cut me in right at that spot.

So I might have been in the changing room for longer than necessary, when you only have two items to try on, it’s not necessary to spend 20 minutes doing it is it.  My head was a jumble, desperately trying to make it work with things I had at home.  I came up empty.

My mind was made up, the bomber was staying and I was going.  Yes, without it. I figure why make wide hips wider with the added feature of making my boobs look even bigger – I was starting to resemble a potato in a really great jacket.  Now this jacket is going to look STUNNING on a different body shape than mine.  Even if you are wider in the hip but smaller on top, this would look AAAAAA-MAZING.  But when you have both hip and boob, it’s big old no.  I’ll stick with a more structured jacket with a longer line for a leaner look.  Bugger.

So there you go.  The moral of the story is that sometimes you have to leave your satorial desires on the changing room floor.  If there is one thing I can leave you with today sisters, it’s this.  Always ask yourself before purchasing something new “what do I have already that I can wear this with?”.  If you come up with nothing, then best leave it alone.





Love EJ, the bomberless jacket sister.

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