It’s Spring, no it’s summer, fark, it’s a throw back to biblical times with a flood and a rain storm like no other.  What the hell do I wear?

Yes sisters, ’tis the season of the transition mission.  That weird time at the beginning of Spring, when you get all hot under the collar for cutoffs and bikinis at the first hint of sun that warms you, but are thoroughly disappointed by its lack of committment.

So to save you the hassle of figuring it out, I came up with a quick fire list of my top five, trans-season, transition mission, Spring/Summer wardrobe staples.  You likely already have them in your wardrobe, but if you insist on investing, consider buying high-end, quality stuff (your country of origin/locally made if you really want to fly the flag) and have them in your wardrobe for longer than just this season.  That way, when Spring/Summer rolls around next year – funny how it does this annually but we always get caught out – then you have at least two of these options to tide you over. This quick-list of my 5 best options can be mixed and matched for daytime to nighttime looks and for casual to work-wear.

Jeans – seems obvious, but these are the staple you need all year around.  If you are trying to update the ones you have, check out the the look du jour 2016 in jeans which are often distressed (not depressed) with rips and a boyfriend cut.  There’s also a new cut called the girlfriend jean, think a little tighter than the boyfriend, cropped in the leg and, according to Marie Claire, with a more flattering  leaner silhouette than the boyfriend.  These baggier jeans look great with a t-shirt or shirt worn tucked but slouchy.  Team it with trainers for a relaxed look or this season’s hot shoe trend – the mule, for a more glam look.

Kaftan/kimono or sleeveless vest – the kaftan is a great layering option, soft and floaty and goes great over a sleeveless top or a long sleeve T-Shirt – which means it really is a transition mission star.  My personal fav kimonos are from Augustine and I see that they have re-issued the style that I love (and have two of) again for this new drop, in different colours.   A sleeveless coat is also a great spring and autumnal wonder-number.  I reckon they streamline your figure and a camel one that my friend purchased from Storm the other day, looked amazing over white, mixed with denim.  These two looks offer very different styles, but they essentially provide the same service – coverage and an extra layer while the weather acts like a turd.

Heeled Sandals /open toe wedges/clogs or mules. Some of these options will likely  be a part of your wardrobe already, because they are easily a summer staple too.  But if they’re not, consider investing.  I’m talking open toe, sandal, clog or mule. Check out Kathyrn Wilson, there are a tonne to choose from here.  Anything with a heel (this is essential in this inclement weather to keep your feet and the bottom of your trousers, dry for when the weather turns bat shit crazy.   Surely the look of the shoe season in 2016, is the mule. I wore them back in the early noughties, and just like Carly Simon sang, they’re “coming around again”.  My pick for mules are these Gucci look-a-likes, divine but for a very affordable price.  I don’t think you don’t have to be an early adopter for this look, but it may be worth hunting around for some, cause they are likely to be lingering for seasons to come.

Maxi and Midi Skirts – these perennial darlings are awesome.  I kept holding out for a Spell leopard print maxi skirt number and when I finally saved up and went to hit purchase, they had sold out :-(. But I will keep looking for one, just like I will for that elusive perfect white T-Shirt. But if leopard print ain’t your thang, have no fear, there are a stack of great looking maxi and midi skirts in all the prints in the shops at the moment.  Another favourite of mine, but I’m not convinced they suit my hips, are the pleated skirts that are showing up everywhere.  A longer line skirt (this one is from Ruby) for this transitional season means that you can easily forego stockings and not have to drown in fake tan by showing your lily whites just yet.

Culottes – I haven’t gone here yet, but man, am I tempted.  They are divine to look at and I always get a little fan girly when I see a sister rocking a pair.  I’ve spied these choice ones from Kowtow – with a cute paper-bag waist to boot.  The culotte can look like a skirt, but with the versatility of a pant.  It has the coverage for the transition mission, but not so much you feel swamped if it gets hot.  If you’re worried about them chopping you off at the calf, then wear them with a wedge or heel to give you height.

Hoping these options are helpful in keeping you dressed for success this weird and wacky season.  So come on sisters, share your style suggestions for Spring with the sisterhood, I’d love to hear your magic ideas.  And if you need some styling help, please get in touch with me, I’d love to help xx

Mmmmmwah, EJ, the mother of the sisterhood.  x emma@sisterhoodofstyle.comimg_3236


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