Hi there harem pants, cork wedges, gypsy-boho chic, off the shoulder, tied at the waist, embellished jackets, shoulder pads, how the hell are you? So you decided to visit us again, did you miss us, or did twenty years go by and you thought to give us another whirl?  Try another generation on for size.

I get that, it landed well last time, but you suspect this generation may just be the one to “get you” and you wanna go steady.  That’s cool, you’re just displaying the repetition theory in fashion.

So I guess nothing is new and new is old and old is recycled and everything has been seen before.  But now, right now, as you wear the off the shoulder top and the cork wedge, it’s new for you and it resonates in this moment in time and you love what you have on.  But then, so may have your mum back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

The theory goes and to be honest, isn’t rocket science,  that there is a recycling theory in fashion every 20 years or so and styles “re-emerge”, reimagined.  If you look at what’s hot for spring / summer 2016 – off the shoulder (hot in the 80’s), the ruffles (Victorian era anyone?), the gorgeous suede skirts (hey Hippie 70’s) and the flat mule (hello 1990’s), they all tip their hats to another era, in some way.  I love that some of the 80’s synching in at the waist (suits me hiding my mum-tum) and the glitz and gold of that era is filtering into some of the styling I love in 2016.

This Spring/Summer, keep a look out for paper-bag waists (it looks like a paper bag, at your waist, just before you blow into it cause you’re hyperventilating), netting, wearing gauzy lingere over your clothes (I am chuffed to say I did this in the 90’s on my OE and my dad though I was wearing a nightie – result!)

And remember, if the style you loved in the 90’s is making a comeback and you loved it then, then try it again, it can’t hurt you. No one said it better than the glorious Iris Apfel “if you make a mistake in what you put together, the fashion police are not going to haul you into jail”

What style do you love that’s been here before?


EJ, the mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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