Before you ask, no, I didn’t spell Jedi wrong in the title.  It’s an an acronym, a shortening of a phrase.  I don’t usually like them, as it implies that you should already know, that you aren’t on the in.  But I have a good reason – it’s not approps to write it out in the title cause it has a sweary word in it.

Ok now you’re intrigued – alright, I hear you, here it is, in case you didn’t know,  JFDI means JUST FUCKING DO IT.  There, it’s out, sorry mum.

Ok, so what do I want you to just flipping do?  Wear it.  Wear all of it.

What the heck am I talking about?  Well, for me, it all started after I had my kiddletts.  I hung around a lot dressed in what is now known as “active wear” but ten years ago, it was just called trackies and a tshirt with your runners.  I looked a bit bland and a whole lot non-descript and nothing like me.  Not who I wanted to portray to the world or who I felt I was on the inside.

Fast forward 10 years, and wouldn’t you know it, I have a nearly ten year old and I’m wearing some mighty bling on my neck, a bright red lippy and (intentionally styled) hair as wild as the gorse bush I sat on last week at a park.  But I digress.


I recently held a style workshop for a bunch of awesome sisters and one of my guests told me that she was keeping items locked off from everyday wear as she thought them too fancy.  I said, fancy schmancy, get them on and JFDI.  Well I didn’t say that, but I thought it and then we talked about how to style them up for everyday, take them from day to night and she left, hopefully back to her wardrobe to try the new ideas on for size.

So, I’m here to call out your inner goddess, yes I know that she’s in there, that one that dreams of lippy and a great outfit that you feel fab in.  You know it’s hidden in your wardrobe, I can almost sense it myself.  So go, go get her out, try her on and take her for a spin.

Please stop waiting for the fancy event, the black tie event, the wedding, the meeting, the dinner, the party, the girls lunch – JFDI and put it on now.  Even if your kids are at home sick, you are working from home or your work is quite corporate, JFDI.  You will know the right thing to wear at the appropriate time, but stop holding back your fun things for just fun things.  Get joy, spark the joy in you, from those items – all the time.  There’s a thought.

I don’t wait around anymore for that ‘fancy special event’ I tailor my looks according to what I am doing that day, but I don’t hold items back for special special anymore.  Anything goes, even the sequin pant on the school run – whose gonna stop me? Certainly not the fashion police and what’s the worse they can say to me ” you look overdressed” or “you look nice”?  Yes, well thanks, I do.

So Sisters, go try on that jacket, skirt, trouser, top, necklace or lippy that you have reserved in your head, get it on and JFDI.

Let me know how  your JFDI outfit goes.


EJ x





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  • Beck
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    JFLTB- that’s just fucking love that blog!!!!

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