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What to wear when you have nothing to wear.

It’s all okay, it’s all okay.  I breathe deeply.  I have”NOTHING TO WEAR” I scream at the sky.  Well I don’t really, cause I’m inside and there’s just my ceiling – which probably needs a paint job.  So, I am not screaming at the sky, but politely saying to myself, I have “nothing” to wear.

By now, you know I am telling a great giant porky don’t you.  It’s not that I have nothing, cause evidently, I have bloody plenty, I know this cause my wardrobe is bursting at the seams (yes even after one of my fabulous wardrobe edits :-).  But let’s just say for arguments sake that I have nothing to wear in the sense, I can’t make up my mind, I have my period, I am facing into peri-menopause, I can’t bloody decide or I am just having a bad, contrary kinda day.

Helpfully, my nine year old just told me that we could put on a singlet and some ripped jeans, and despite me wanting to tell him to get real, he’s not far wrong now is he.

Because we all have stuff to wear sisters, this is a major first world problem to complain about, I know.  But sometimes, having nothing to wear can feel like an unscalable, insurmountable, big F-off swirl of rage.

So to help my sisters out, I’ve shared some of my favourite go to pieces when I have days that scream I have “nothing to wear”.  You don’t have to use this formula exactly, but on days like this,  your first thought may be to sacrifice style for comfort. I am advocating for both  and try hard to never let style be far away.   I reckon the pieces that I turn = too on days like these are actually a great mix of both.

  1. A baggy pair of “joggers”- leather look or merino are very in this winter and are a perfect go to item to reach for. (see photo)
  2. A coloured or patterned top that you feel great in.(see photo)
  3. A long layer merino cardigan (Tip = try a  waterfall cardigan, they can be a lot more forgiving that a straight hemmed cardy, which can make you look like a box)
  4. White trainers – any.  Just do it, can’t go wrong.
  5. If not white trainers, try using a leopard print shoe as a neutral go to shoe.
  6. Bad hair day? Try this season’s easiest hairstyle helper – a fedora.  If you aren’t game to wear a proper hat, put your hair up in a high pony and stick a cap on it.

To cap this look off, wear a bright lippy, go on, you know you want too,  try it tomorrow and see how you feel, pretty sure lippy will make your feel a million bucks and will compliment and “upsize” any average “nothing to wear” day outfit.

PS – likely you can’t rock all of this for a day in the office, but pair the trousers and joggers with a smart black jacket and cute boots or flats and you have yourself a winner winner, chicken dinner.

PPS – I am full of a cold as I press publish, but I still have to do life today and pick up the kidletts from school later on, so I know I will be hitting the wardrobe for this look that I styled earlier in the week, via selfie stick – they still suck, but they are necessary!


EJ x

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