It’s 2017 and Sisterhood of Style is nearly a year old.  Welcome back to the sisters who have been here a while and a big warm welcome to those of you who are just joining my crazy style mission – to give women, everyday women, more confidence in themselves by unleashing their true style potential.

I got so excited while on holiday about where to take Sisterhood of Style, that I couldn’t wait to ask you this question as soon as I got back home today  – even before the bags are unpacked.  I poured myself a wine and did a cheeky post-holiday video.  Sans makeup, but armed with a hell of a lot of passion to help you get out of a style rut. So, pour yourself a wine or a kombucha if you’re doing dry January and consider this….

mmmmwah, love EJ, the mother of the Sisterhood of Style. xo

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[wpvideo JLFVufXC]

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