Despite knowing better sisters, I have a deep love of white T-Shirts.  In my head, I look like a movie star, all oiled on the decollatage, perfect pointy breasts sitting nicely but not obviously in my tee, as I drape languidly in a chair sipping a wine on a balcony looking over Capri.  My long tousled hair gently falling over my shoulders and softly landing at the middle of my back.  We are eating a beautiful red tomato based meal as I  wear this white T-shirt and none of it slips, trips or falls onto it.  There are no stains or dirty hands, snot or otherwise near this beautiful crisp white tee.  None whatsoever.

Cut to reality.

White T’s and me have a love-hate relationship.  I love them, they hate me.  Well that’s not entirely true, but they don’t freaking love me all out like a teenage love, they just somewhat tolerate me and my boobs and hips and mummy-tummy, my kids snot, underarm “persperation”, makeup and pasta meals.

So why do I love them so much?  They are so simple to style well.  Dress them up with a blazer and necklace with jeans and call yourself done.  You can tie it at the waist, pop on a maxi skirt and look freaking gypsy chic sorted.  Wearing it with shorts, jeans, skirts, trousers, jackets, denim is all possible and I could go on, but I won’t ’cause white T-Shirts work with everything. End of story.

But there’s a hidden dark secret – finding  the right one can be hard.  Just like that elusive pair of great fitting jeans, white T-shirts can sometimes be an epic fail.  Especially if you have boobs, hips and a bit of under bra back bulge that white tee can be a little bit unforgiving.

So I’m on a mission my sisters, to find a great white T-shirt that can marry my boobs, my hips and my mummy tummy and tolerate my kids hands, snot and my deep love of pesto pasta.  I’m going to track it down before summer hits and I will let you in on the find.

In the meantime, here’s some that you could try for yourselves, because I absolutely believe a white T-Shirt should be in your wardrobe, ready at a moments notice to make you look effortlessly styled.

Kowtow clothing  recommended to me by an ace style maven,this tee has length in the arms, which I like – a lot. It’s choppy at $89 but could be a solid find.

ASColour is a favourite of mine, cause you can dress the whole family in T-shirts and sweartshirts with their special of 5 garments for $110.  Their fit is probably the most forgiving and I have high hopes of finding my summer tee here.  My only gripe is that the lower cut versions can be a bit gappy on the boob, but great fitting everywhere else.

Bassike I don’t own one, but I might, because I have heard on good authority they keep their shape and their cotton is durable and soft.

Then there are these options I recently found at  Decjuba .  I tried on all of their White tee offerings and it was an experience of great highs (I loved the look of all of them) and a brief low when I realised my assets got in the way.  🙂

So sisters, I haven’t found her yet, but I will persevere.  I will leave no white T-shirt unfolded.  I will prevail.


I’m a woman on a mission.  If you have found the perfect white tee, share it with the group.

Mmmmwah, love, the mother of the sisterhood of style.

EJ x


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