Hey Sisterhood business babes, this one’s for you.  Let’s have a quick chat about styling for video and photo shoots.

One of the most common questions I get asked or see being asked in epic business minded groups I am in is, “What do I wear for my brand video, advice please.”  So to make it easy peasy for you to find all the best tips and tricks, I’ve compiled it all in a bullet point list for you.  As a bonus, I asked my great friend Michelle for her top three epic tips and tricks too.  Michelle is videographer Michelle Sokolich (who shoots brand videos) from Show at Tell .

So here goes.  Be sure to bookmark this blog, save it, print it out and share it with all of your business friends!

A stylist’s advice

  1. Think back and remember an outfit you felt great in, confident or just damn good and wear that!
  2. Add accessories like scarves and earrings to help jazz up the outfit.
  3. Wear colours that suit you close to your face
  4. Don’t be afraid to wear jeans or relaxed outfits.  If this is what you feel great in, wear on the daily and it suits your business, wear that.
  5. Try and avoid outfits you’ve never worn before (unless specifically purchased for the shoot and you feel fabulous).  Wear combinations you know work for you and you love or at least like a lot!
  6. Avoid anything you feel uncomfortable in or have to tug around to fit.
  7. Look at recent photos from your Facebook and Instagram and choose one you loved and wear that.

Personal Shopping Auckland

A videographers top three tips, by Michelle Sokolich from Show&Tell 

  1. Definitely be comfortable and wear something you feel amazing in – don’t choose a last minute un-tested outfit!!
  2. Think about your brand colours (you don’t have to be super matchy matchy but you want the thumbnail to look good on your website).
  3. Avoid thin stripes and obvious logos on clothing

How I can help you get ready for your shoot

If you need further help to bring the looks together or go shopping for a specific piece, then I would love to help you.  I have three packages to choose from, one which would suit your specific need.

Wardrobe Styling – we can concentrate on pulling up to 5 looks together from your wardrobe

Personal Shopping – we can concentrate on find an item you need for the shoot – honing in on a colour or style that matches your videography brief.

Event Styling – a premium package that provides you a heavy dose of styling magic.  I build up a look book of styles and outfits for you, we spend time consulting on those looks and then manage building them into your look for the shoot or event.  I can even attend the shoot with you, ensuring the outfits are styled and can touch up makeup and hair.  This is your one stop shop for event and brand styling.

Good luck gorgeous business women.  You got this, you know your business and what you want to say.  Let the clothes compliment your message, not overwhelm it.  

Love EJ,
The Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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