Gorgeous Sisterhood of Stylers, hands up whose ready for Spring?

Are you starting to throw off the shackles of winter and consider what your hairy legs look like after hibernation? Are you thinking you couldn’t possibly wear less layers, because it’s still FREEZING?  It’s likely you’re in a state of confusion over clothing choices as you’re already being bombarded with springs first fling of clothing in stores.  High summer drops in November, so you know, it’s totally out of whack with timing, but that’s the way the fashion game works.

To make it all a bit easier, I’ve compiled a wee list of things you can easily do, to bring you up to speed with Spring.

Spring Clean your style

My aim here is for you to feel less flustered over what to wear & feel empowered to make easy clothing choices and be prepped and ready to wear less as the seasons change.

  1. Firstly, let’s get our legs and arms out.  They’re screaming for some Vitamin D!! It’s worth running a exfoliating mitt or brush over them to give them a bit of a refresher.  This is the time to start applying your self-tanners too – if that’s what you need or enjoy!  Start building up that colour slowly and don’t do what I do and add streaks down your legs !
  2. Get yourself a denim jacket, if you haven’t already.  It’s the perfect year-rounder wardrobe staple. These little babies are the perfect antidote to winter and perfect for spring weather – cooler evenings, a windy but sunny day and a chill in the air.  You can layer them over jumpers and tee-shirts and their relaxed vibe screams summer is coming.  I love denim jackets as a style staple for EVERYONE’s wardrobe, no matter your shape, size or age.  Will you be trying it?  If you’re stuck on where to find one – the Iconic have plenty to choose from (here).
  3. Time to check through your make-up bag.  Does it need a refresher?  Definitely take the time to clean your brushes, make some changes to the lipsticks you’ve been wearing or add in some products to make your skin spring ready.   Drink loads of water and don’t forget your SPF!!
  4. Socks out . If you’re not ready for a full nude leg then add a sock to the boots or trainers or loafers you’re wearing.  Try a sparkly sock or something with pattern or interest to add some zest to your outfit.  I have tree-trunks for legs and I still love this look – it’s not just reserved for tiny ankles! Pair the with ankle boots, trainers or loafers and you got yourself a LOOK babes.
  5. It’s the perfect time to take a look at your wardrobe and start looking at putting your heavy winter pieces away, or to the side (just like me, who lacks a lot of storage space).  I do put my winter jackets in a stand alone wardrobe I have in our lounge.  This year though, I am going to get super organised and get some items repaired, dry-cleaned and then put the heavier winter items in storage bags until next season.  I’ll even get some boots re-soled too.
  6. Layer upon layer upon layer.  Just like a Sara Lee fruit strudel, I recommend wearing lots of layers for Spring. Let’s be honest, this is New Zealand and it can be bitterly cold right through to Christmas.  So layering is essential.  Consider natural and organic fibres for easy breezy wear and add a soft cotton scarf for warmth.  Wear a cashmere or merino layer as a warmer upper and tie around your waist or shoulders when it gets too hot.  Wear dresses that can be layered up with jackets and are easy to style.  I promised layering will be your BFF over Spring.
  7. Lastly, the colours of the season and what’s coming your way.  The colour of the year is  Panetone’s colour of the year is Ultra Violet and you’ll likely see this a lot, as well as Lavender.  Mustard is a key colour and for prints – florals and leopard print are proving to be extremely popular too.  You can check out Panetone’s fashion colour trends for Spring 2018 here.

What I’ll be wearing

This Kemi Telford fabulous leopard print skirt teamed wth my Huffer striped tee  and a DJ (I’m on the look out for a new one and have been getting lost down the DJ tunnel on The Iconic. I’ve got a few dresses I have had for nearly a year that I will have on heavy rotation, I’ll be rocking my kimonos again and make use of my leather jacket for the next few months.  I cant wait to hear how you are all getting on styling yourselves for Spring.  Remember to make it easy and fun and don’t get too caught up in the rules!  Make style work for you.

Mmwah, love EJ, the mother of the sisterhood of style.

Have a great week.  If you’d like to learn more about my styling packages, take a wander over here. x

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