Imagine this sisterhood, you have a style dilemma.  You have two events in one week, you’re a busy mum of two, you spend most of your time in active wear because you run an award-winning  cancer rehabilitation physiotherapy business.  You’re about to collect two awards in the same week, one a New Zealand Order of Merit and the second, a Denizen Magazine Hero award, but you have no time, you don’t know where to start and you have never had to choose two completely different outfits for such prestigious events before. You need more time.  What do you do?

Or what about this scenario.  You’re being taken on a surprise holiday by your partner. Amazing!  You’ve been given a style memo but that’s the extent of the information you have on your location.  City Chic and Coastal Cool.  That’s a lot of C’s and nothing much else.  You’re stumped.  You’re a busy entrepreneur, you own two businesses, have a diary fuller than the Prime Minister, two gorgeous kids, some lengthy commuting and a week to prepare. You need more time.  What do you do?

There are a million other reasons why you might need an event styling session –  you may have a wedding coming up down south but have nothing to wear or a presentation to a new boss. You may have a business dinner with your husband where you don’t know anyone. You’ve got pool side drinks AND a black tie dinner to attend in one weekend in Sydney. You have a hen party AND a Balinese second wedding during your next winter holiday, or you’re a busy corporate with no time, or care for style choices. Or a mummy, juggling your baby on your hip and wiping snot from your toddlers nose , but you have to plan for a holiday in two weeks. Or you just don’t know what to wear to any event you can think of. What on earth do you do?

You call me. Simple.

My passion, helping to make style easy for women, is strong, in fact it’s my super-power.  I love helping create confidence in women, through what they wear and how they wear it.  Not only do I get to create outfits from your wardrobe and take you on personal shopping trips, but I event style as well.  Event styling is that thing you didn’t know you needed, until you need it, get it, use it and collapse in a heap of appreciation once you’ve done it.

Top 5 tips on why you need event styling.
  1. We talk first.  Either over a wine, a coffee or a chat on the phone or video chat. We talk about your particular “event” – is it for one evening, a holiday, a wedding, a weekend away, an appointment, a dinner, lunch, launch, opening or anything else you can think of?  I can work my magic and transform and create your ‘event’ style for you, making it painless, easy and even enjoyable!
  2. I do the work for you. Firstly, I create a private mood board for you, offering up a selection of options – be it dresses or outfit inspo.  Then you take your time to choose what you like the best and we break it down to your top picks.
  3. Once you have your top picks, we talk about how to make that happen – either I go buy them for you, you buy online or go grab it / them yourself.  Or, I introduce you to designers for a bespoke custom made dress!
  4. I attend dress fittings, find accessories, make suggestions on hair styles, shoes, find those shoes, scarves and bags.
  5. Basically, I create the look(s) you need.  In the time you need them.  I do the leg-work, the looking, work with what you need and how you need it.  I adapt, transform and make your styling dreams come true.

And just in case my words haven’t convinced you yet, my gorgeous client’s words should help.  She sent me this message, after I helped style her for two events;  “thanks EJ for being so awesome.  You made the whole process such fun and tool all the stress away.  I felt so comfortable in my outfit, which fitted perfectly.  Thanks a million.”

Event styling is based on an hourly estimate and I work within your budget.  To have an obligation free chat with me about your event styling needs, send me an email me at[wpforms id=”3186″]

Mmmmmwah EJ, the mother of Sisterhood of Style x

My gorgeous client, Lou James, with Governor General, Dame Patricia Reddy


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