So I thought I had already written this blog but it turns out apparently not. I had written this one though and there’s some golden nuggets in there for you too. I do feel remiss having not written it. Naughty even and I’m chastising myself for not doing it sooner. But I gotta do it now babes because we are being INUNDATED by Black Friday sales specials and it’s doing my head in.

I’m officially a smart shopper, if they gave out badges for it, I’d be awarded a prefect’s badge – something I never earnt at school. I’m a bit of a nerd even. I question every purchase, rarely make mistakes and always consider what else I can wear it with. I don’t always fall in love, sometimes it’s love at ‘needs must’, but it’s always a good choice for me. But that’s only because I’m a qualified personal stylist who studied to do what I do. I take my work seriously and can sometimes be a bit stern with my clients and friends. “Do you really need it?” is the question I ask the most.

As a side note, Black Friday is an American ‘tradition’, always falling the Friday after Thanksgiving, which falls on the last Thursday in November. IN AMERICA. Not here. But lols, fun times at Bandcamp (ie: the internet) means we now get that Friday feeling too. It puts major pressure on small businesses to compete or risk fading into dust when Black Friday happens, because it takes a behemoth retailer to really be able to cut their margins and slash pricing.

Other than that, it’s a very clever marketing technique to make a shopper feel major FOMO and buy buy buy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude. I like, no I LOVE a bargain. But I like to keep my wits about me, my head intact and my bank balance in the positive green arena.

So now you know I’m a girly swot when it comes to shopping, here’s my bestest advice on how to shop during the onslaught that is Black Friday and then the subsequent “Boxing Day Sales” that quickly follow.

Number One

Walk into these sales with a clear budget in mind, don’t get shopping fever and stay close to what you can AFFORD to spend. Remember, Christmas and the holidays are just around the corner, so you’re going to need cash. Black Friday is one day (well it’s turned into a week now, but you get the drift) and the marketing is making you feel like if you don’t spend it now, then you will NEVER see the likes of these deals again. Yes, you will, I promise. And probably next week, or at the least by Boxing Day.

So go in with your eyes wide open, your wits intact and your BUDGET set. Do not deviate. Hopefully, point no. 2 will help with this plan.

Number Two

Shop with a list. Go in with your eyes wide open about what it is you want. Do not deviate. Deviation is your enemy. FOCUS sisterhood, focus.

Number Three

Shop first for high-end items – things like cashmere, lingerie, handbags, winter boots, leather goods, and jewellery. High-value items that rip into your budget normally. Stalk the internet, find what you want and then SNAG them in a Black Friday sale. But list it out, know what you’re going in for, before you go in – to the shop or the online store.

Number Four

Don’t add to the waste that is piling up and buy wardrobe orphans because you’ve got ‘elbows out’ and are grabbing 5 of the same pink organza heart-shaped blouse. Think before you shop, before you buy. DO NOT BUY WARDROBE ORPHANS. Yes, I’m shouting, but you can thank me later.

Number Five

Last but not least – why not take a breather and choose not to shop, enjoy your day and move on past Black Friday. There’ll be other sales. Don’t get caught up in the hype, if the hype ain’t what you need.

Good luck babes, let me know what you think and how you get on.

In style confidence and shopping focus,

Love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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