I have a lovely friend who was also my “work-wife” in a former life. She text me the other day to share her fabulous news that she had got an incredible new role. I was ecstatic for her. Over the next few days, we traded messages and I loved hyping her up. (PS, if you don’t know what hyping or gassing up your friends means, keep reading, I explain it all). Well Jerry does. #whenyouknowyouknow

The night before she started, she text me with the question “what should I wear on my first day?”

Now sisterhood, I get asked this question a lot – that and what to wear to a job interview.  My advice is always the same.  So I felt it was only right to share it with you all, so you can refer back to it, remind yourselves of it and share it with friends and family.

How to dress for your first day at a new job (or take a job interview) in 3 easy steps.

1.  Wear something that makes you feel fabulous. 

No not the showgirl glitter and sequins type of fabulous. Although if you’re trying out to be a showgirl in Vegas, then sequins and feathers it is. 

I’m talking the type of fabulous that makes you feel unstoppable and helps you to exude confidence, even when you feel shy, sacred, or that most terrible of feelings – an imposter.  Ditch the doubt girls and let yourself shine.  THEY ALREADY PICKED YOU.  YOU GOT THE JOB, BASED ON EVERYTHING THAT YOU ALREADY DID.  So you know, you got this. 

2. My advice is to up your game a little.

Hell girl, take it to the max, and don’t be afraid to outshine everyone in the room with your sense of wicked style and fabulousness. This may just mean a black pair of pants and a white shirt, but if you feel confident, your light will shine through. Do not dim your light.  Shine baby shine.  Gas yourself up, get your kids, your lover, your partner, your parent, your dog to ‘gas you up’ before you leave, have your own Jerry from CHEER! on hand will make all the difference!

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Check out this cool video on Tik Tok that just makes me smile.  Girl, do what Lizzo would do and “do you hair toss, check your nails, baby how you doing?  I feel as good as hell”. Ok, pep talk over, now for the last piece of advice.

3. Wear something you know well. Go back to your style archives. 

Darling clients, use those photos we took of you during your wardrobe style refresh and chose one that made you feel like going  CHA-CHING! 

For the rest of you that haven’t yet experienced a wardrobe style refresh (you can check them out here), then cast your mind back, look at Instagram and find a pic of you or recall an outfit that made you feel great, confident, sassy and at your best.  Wear that.  

There you go team, three simple steps that are easy to forget in the heat of panic and imposter syndrome.  You’ve got this ladies, you can do it.  Style is not supposed to be hard.  

Here’s a bunch of YES you can ideas (so you don’t talk yourself out of it)

YES!  you can wear all black to an interview or first day on the job – it doesn’t have to be boring.  Wear different textures and fabrics to mix it up and add colour in your accessories or lipstick.

YES! you can wear something you have before.  This is the whole point – be comfortable knowing that you’ve rocked it before, so rock it again.

YES! you can wear red lipstick, but if you’re feeling on show, make the lipstick your feature and team it with a classic breton stripe, tan or navy.  

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