Darling Sisterhood,

sweetie darlings, babes, honeys, superfly gals, hands up here who wears things once and never wears them again?

Who gets the heeby jeeby’s about wearing a dress that you’ve worn before, again to another event?

Who here buys something from a store, photographs it for Instagram, takes it back for a refund and posts the pic, ensuring they keep their status as up with the play on fashion?* (this is apparently a thing, so forgive me for being judgy Mcjudgerson here).

Who here buys an item for a special occasion and can’t imagine ever wearing it again because you’ve been struck down by the dreaded “they’ve seen me in that before”?

It happens to us all don’t worry.

But my wish for you, after reading this blog, is that you think “yes I can” wear that again, more often.  

The lies we’re told

Fashion Magazines, Oscar ceremonies and the Daily Mail have taught us and told us for years that to be “fashion-forward” then you must wear something only once and it’s a faux pas to be photographed in the same thing twice – let alone turn up to an event in the same thing as someone else.

That’s a fate worse than death for some people.

For us lay-people, who are not attending Oscar ceremonies and being photographed by papparazzi, cast your mind back to ‘wedding season’, those summers when all we did was attend one another’s nuptuals.  How many dresses or outfits did you buy to wear to your mate’s weddings, knowing that you would be seeing many similar people to the wedding prior?

We’ve believed the hype so long, we have been fed the lie that we must buy something new, in order to be relevant & fashion concious (there ain’t no conciousness about it).

And yet our male partners are 100% likely to repeat wear their suits, over and over and over again.  Swapping out a tie on the occasion they need to switch things up.

So why don’t the sisterhood do the same thing?

For one, we love the feel of the new, I get that.  But it’s started to get a little ridiculous in the mass consumption we feel beholden to undertake, in order to always appear in something no one else has seen us in before.  For such a short time period.

I want to encourage changing that, even if you just buy one less thing a year!

I used to buy into the notion that I had to have something new at every major event, but now, to be brutally honest – I do not give one iota of fucks if I get caught in the same thing twice, if I wear it over and over and over again and when it keeps coming up on my instagram and people think, “she’s worn that a lot”, I congratulate myself on a job well done.

I want you to see how real and normal it is to repeat wear and help you to shed those media inspired feelings of it not being the ‘done thing’.

My thoughts are FUCKING GREAT!  I have got the cost per wear of that item down to “0” and what a worthwhile expense it was.  I think, “MARVELLOUS” it’s been a well loved item and has seen me through some incredible moments.  I think “THANK GOD” I have something to wear to that event/dinner/meeting and very rarely say “I have nothing to wear” (full disclosure, it does happen to me and did recently, but I gave myself a stern talking too and snapped out of it).

Often it applies to clothing for special occasions or pieces that are really obvious.  Hello Leopard Print Kemi Telford skirt.   I wear that 3-4 times a week now.

Or my leather jacket, purchased 5 years ago and still a trusted favourite.  I don’t feel the need to replace it, now that every sister and her dog have one too!  It makes me love mine even more, because no one has the one I have!

And hello fabulous floaty silk kimono, I’d wear it everyday if I could.  I probably should, now that I have written this blog.

I guess what I am saying is, wear the goddamn clothes – wear them fabulously well

Defining your personal style will help

Which brings me to my next point – defining your personal style. When you have a defined personal style, buying clothes becomes so much easier, because you tend not to panic buy, purchase one off ‘orphan’ pieces and will likely be building a wardrobe of options that mix and match well.

This then allows you to repeat wear with confidence, because you can tweak it each time. 

Also, you simply love wearing it and can’t imagine not doing so, just because someone else has seen it before. Who gives a crap what others think.  That may trigger you that line, but I hope it does.  We really really need to give two less shits about what others think.  That’s some homework right there isn’t it, write that down challenge yourself – for the next week, give two less shits.  Boom.

Not convinced yet?

Well I brought the @gorman jumpsuit (pic below) for a big party last year, I then wore it to a fancy wedding, then rolled it out for a big meeting, taken it out for another spin at another party (shock horror, with the same people from the first party) and then wore it on my birthday girls lunch (with the same eyeballs on it as the first two parties).

I feel F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S in it.  It reminds me of my gorgeous girlfriend Alyssa, who sent me a link to it and suggested I go try it on, she said she couldn’t buy it for herself as it was just too long on her, but I should make it work, which I did!

It looks like a maxi dress at first glance but is in fact a  fabulous bell bottomed wonder-suit that makes me live out all my Agnetha from ABBA dreams.

Cue “Dancing Queen” in your head please sisterhood.

Yes it’s a loud-as-hell print and unlikely that someone would forget I wore it at the last party we were both at.  But who cares?  I certainly don’t.

I love it and so do the other people in my vicinity when they tell me “I love that jumpsuit”.

I write this blog to encourage you to not only repeat wear your daily clothing uniform, but to also thrash those special pieces, those items, tucked at the back of your closet that were bought for a special occcasion, only to never be worn again because you’re saving for good.

Get them out of there girlfriend, liberate them from their wardrobe dungeon and breathe new life into them.

Have you heard about Slow Styling?

In the UK,  #slowstyling has really taken off and I can see the movement hard at work here in NZ too.  There are cool instagram accounts like Slow Styling Painted Bird, Mode and Methodology Style, Welcome Back Slow Fashion Everlasting Recycling, who focus on repeat wear, vintage clothing, pop up sales and champion the art of giving a fuck about the environment, sustainability, buying well and avoiding fast fashion where possible so that we don’t fill up landfills with mountains of clothes that have been discarded. Do your own research and discover what works for you.

3 ways to rock your ‘for good’ repeat wears

1.You’ll never regret being the best dressed in a room – so wear the dress, the jumpsuit and stop saving it for ‘good’.  You will always feel at your most fabulous when you do.

2.Dress down/toughen up and add an element of street wear to your fabulous wedding guest dress with a denim jacket.  It’s guaranteed to make you still feel sexy AF but also super day wear appropriate.

3.Add a pair of trainers.  My go to footwear of choice.  A pair of white kicks will ensure you have your style cred in tact and will ensure your outfit can be worn over and over again.

See you again soon, mmmmwah,

Love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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