Just like Justin Timberlake brought sexy back, I’m bringing the skivvy back. Well not me personally, but I’m championing them as MY style hero of the season. Before I tell you why let me take you on my skivvy journey through the ages and what led us to this point.

When I was five and growing up in the South Island, I used to wear skivvies religiously. They were a clothing staple. They were necessary and fashionable(ish). They were also mostly woollen and itchy. I didn’t love them so much then. My nana had a penchant for knitting my brother and I matching knitwear in heavy wools. Skivvies being one of them. I loved my Nana, not so much the knits.

Skip forward a few years and I wore the ubiquitous Ski Your Heart Out skivvies when we went skiing. So did every other little girl and her mum on the slopes. They had cute hearts on them in lots of different colours and my love of skivvies became a thing.

Fast-forward another 30 years and you’ve found me in love again with the skivvy. Not normally one to wear a high cut top, I have found the long neck to be incredibly flattering and any lack of a neckline is easily ‘made’ by wearing a necklace or top that alludes to one for me.

So why all the fuss, the blog, the showing of the tatas in the skivvy? Well hear me roar Sisterhood, here’s damn well why:

It’s the layering champion of the season

Not only is it a great stand-alone piece, but layering it underneath your summer wardrobe will ensure you squeeze maximum effort from your clothes.

Try a skivvy under a jumpsuit, pair it with a camisole or my personal favourite; team it with your favourite dresses. This season, I have a deep and abiding affection for what I call my “Brethren dresses” and the skivvy looks awesome with them. See below for my fave “Brethy’ dress of the moment with my skivvy.

They offer a colour pop, a twist of pattern or the hint of a different material, all adding to the rich tapestry of your outfit. They are a girls best friend in winter styling.

They keep you toasty warm

I’m wearing the Uniqlo HeatTech range and I am toasty warm every time I wear them. Who doesn’t need that in the depths of a grey, rainy and cold day? It’s also thin and breathable and just damn perfect for winter style.

It helps your sex life

Nah it doesn’t really but I had to add this in because my husband told me I looked sexy when I was just wearing a skivvy. Bless. Pretty sure this is not what I looked like, but I’ll take it. He’s a keeper.

So now you’re convinced, where do you buy them?

Here’s a selection of options for you to try, or find your own and share with the Sisterhood!

For the thinnest breathable fabric and simply yummy to wear try HeatTech options from Uniqlo. A must-have stop anytime I travel overseas, they are not currently available in NZ, but I hear rumours that it might be coming to Commercial Bay in Auckland. Collective gasps ensue!

My friend Kim-Marie from KimbaLikes told me she had found some awesome ones from Boom Shankar – check this puppy out and I love their colour range – mustard skivvy anyone?

On the splurge scale of style, this radiant number from Kate Sylvester is pretty darn fine.

On a recent shopping trip with a client, we found some gorgeous knitted skivvies in merino and cashmere blends in Ruby and Gorman.

For a thicker knit option, you can’t go past Glassons and for a budget friendly version for a ribbed option, The Warehouse is delivering some serious style with this goody.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found a skivvy you love that you can share with the Sisterhood too.

Yours in skivvies and style.

Love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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