Shoes make me happy and it turns out that when dreams do come true, Gucci shoes are at the centre of that dream. Settle in, grab a coffee or a wine, get comfy, I have a tale to tell.

I’ve been loving hard on the Gucci Marmont shoes for a long time.  I would pull my besties into the Gucci Store on our annual girls trip to Sydney and ogle them, fawn all over and touch them (appropriately).  I would over-explain their virtue, marvelling at their heel height, their glittery gold-ness, their very existence.  Fast forward much internet stalking, price point checking and three years later.  I have saved up for the occasion, we’re in Paris and I haven’t purchased much prior to this moment (*not much is a relative term). We enter into Galeries Lafayette, the shopping mecca of Paris, the beautiful, domed ceilinged department store of dreams.The shoe department there is a place of wonder.  I stop and take the moment in.

Are you still with me?

I find the Gucci store inside, my breathing has turned shallow and my heartbeat is fluttering.  The head of women’s shoes is there serving, her name was Alexandra and she was fabulous.  She even suggested that my usual hoof like size could go down by half a size – could this shoe get any better?  I tried it on with a Parisian sockette (much lovelier that the usual Kmart sockette of course) and it fit like a glove.  They are gold, foiled, comfortable, easy to walk in, my cankles look like ankles and I glided over the pink carpet of the store.  Smiles, money, happiness and life moments were exchanged.  To celebrate, my husband and I toasted with bubbles at the cafe on top of the store.

So dreams do come true.  But you know what, hard work pays off more, to help those dreams come true, even if you have to wait three years.  I save hard for these puppies.  The girls (Dolly and Beyonce- yes I’ve named them) first outing made me so happy and every subsequent outing, even happier.  When I put them on, I know I will have a better day.  They also recently killed a cockroach, so you know, they’re versatile.  When a shoe can provide so much to your life, I have just one question.

Can you marry a shoe?

Tell me about your favourite shoe and why they rock your socks off!

Mmmmmwah love EJ x

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