Style Challenges. Why you should get amongst.

Have you ever seen a Style Challenge and wondered what’s the point? Why do I need to follow someone to tell me what to wear? Why would I share what I wear on social media? Well, I’m here to encourage you to take part in one and convieniently, I’m starting a style challenge on Monday! Just in time for you to take part.

A style challenge is not a new phenomenon, but it’s one that social media totally dominates. You can @mention the people inspiring the challenge and use hashtags to collate the content that people share. It’s fabulous way to build community and get to know one another a little more. Most of all, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Pink and Red, lace and leather, double denim. No, I’m not making a list of products listed in a sex store, you dirty dirty awesome women. These combos are style challenges that I’ve used in the past, or am about to use next week.

On Sunday I’ll reveal the style inspo, the “challenges” if you will for the week ahead. This gives you time to plan what you have and to hopefully push yourself to think outside of the style box you have put yourself into. It’s important to remember that this is no competition, instead its a way to involve yourself in a community of like mind sisters, who love to dress with flair and style,but want some inspo to break out of their norm. Are you with me yet?

Here’s my top 3 reasons for you to take part.

1) STYLE INSPO. Who doesn’t love a bit of a kick in the style butt every now and then? To get a little nudge to try new combos. Or to be reminded of that great dress in your wardrobe, that’s too short to wear on it’s own, but over jeans or leggings, would look AMAZE.

2)I DO THE THINKING FOR YOU. Imagine, just for one week, 5 whole days of bliss is ahead of you and dressing will be a synch!.All you need to do is look on Instagram and Facebook @sisterhoodofstylenz and check out the combos. If you really are enjoying yourself, upload a photo of the day’s outfit into comments on my Facebook feed for the day, or post a photo of yourself on instagram and tag me in @sisterhoodofstylenz and #sisterhoodofstylechallenge.

3) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Challenge yourself to think differently and try new shapes.  Push yourself a little, to wear something you haven’t before or pull together combos that you’ve told yourself aren’t right for you. Who knows, you may love them and you’ll turn into a “repeat offender”

So join me on Sunday for the big reveal on Facebook and Instagram @sisterhoodofstylenz and play along next week when you’re getting dressed, because I want to make it easier for you to have great style. I’d love to see your progress, so don’t forget to tag me in and use #sisterhoodofstylechallenge

If you’d like to chat further with me about style and how I may be able to help you, please get in contact here. [wpforms id=”3186″]

Lots of love and happy styling, mmmmwah, EJ.

Mother of Sisterhood of Style x


Style Challeng
Inspo for outfits from Gucci

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