“Did you just say what I think you did?”(yes I did, allow me to explain)…

“What did you say to me you cheeky bitch?”  (Ouch)…

“How dare you suggest I need a stylist.”  (It’d be kinda fun though and it’s not about what’s wrong, but about what could be sooooo right)…

“If my husband brought me a styling package, I would be so offended.” (But would you really?).  Sisterhood, these are valid thoughts and feelings. But give me a chance to change your mind.  You might see why you need a stylist afterall.

Why you need a stylist

  1. Do you stand in front of your wardrobe and a) yawn b) come over with a headache from the lack of inspiration? c) think you have nothing to wear?  d) all of the above.
  2. When you walk into a store, do you walk right back out again, not seeing anything that you like, or you feel intimidated by the shop, the shop girls or the sheer amount of clothes to try on?
  3. Are there items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn, because you don’t know how?
  4. Do you feel like you want to show off your fabulous inner self a little more on the external? You have a passion for fashion but it doesn’t love you back? Do you hate clothes and only wear them because it’s illegal not too?
  5. Do you want a bit of a change, a shake up from the norm?
  6. Are you returning to work after a baby?
  7. Are you trying to get back into your wardrobe after an eighteenth month absence from having a baby, then a toddler and only wearing active wear?
  8. Would you love to have an impartial style sister by your side when shopping and in your wardrobe, giving you a completely refreshed style?

If you answered yes to any of these , then a styling session could be just what you need. And want.

Why I love styling

My passion for the Sisterhood of Style is to boost women’s confidence. To raise women up, no matter your shape or size. I want to help women to feel fabulous for themselves and how they present themselves to the world.  It’s not about pointing out the negative, but totally and utterly enhancing the positive.  It’s about challenging you to see yourself in clothes you have never thought to try,  and to build up a fabulous capsule wardrobe, so that you have go-to pieces for when you have the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” moments.

Rather than being offended that someone buys you a styling voucher, why not ask for it for Christmas or a birthday pressie and jump to the front of the queue.  My regular clients are asking for a voucher for their special occasion presents.

To find out what a wardrobe detox is like, you can check it out right here.  To discover the the awesome sauce of what a  personal shopping session is all about, check it out here. Of course you may have your shopping and your wardrobe nailed, but you may want some guidance on styling for a special event.  Happily, I also offer event styling now too.

The sisterhood is the number one reason I started Sisterhood of Style.  Style is the really lovely complementary companion.

So my dear sisterhood, I hope you see that booking a session with me as your stylist is all about you and feeling fabulous, providing a boost to what you already have inside. If you need more evidence, just read my client’s testimonials.

Email me at emma@sisterhoodofstyle.com to chat further. Or to book a session or grab a voucher for that special occasion coming up. xxxxx

Mmmwah, love EJ, Mother of the Sisterhood xo


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