Now, before you get all hot under the collar, I don’t mean to suggest you should jump into your office stationery supplies and go ballistic.  No siree.  But I do want to tell you how to use the humble pen, as a life saving/fashion saving/time saving no brainer of an accessory and how the paper clip, that little thing that holds two pieces of paper together, actually saved my bacon the other day, following a pretty awkward trip over my wide legged palazzo pants.

I’m a busy lady. I am sure you awesome sisters are too, so hands up who likes a few tips and tricks and life-hacks from time to time?  I’m busy because I have kids, I have a 4 day a week project management job, I have my own mum-prenuer business with the Sisterhood of Style, I have a dog, a husband, some landscaping going on, some friends I quite like to see once in a while and when I need time saving or outsourcing options to make my life easier – I jump at them.  So here are some of mine to share with all you lovely sisters out there (and those gentlemen who happen to be reading).

No 1.  The Pen


It has to be a bic. or a biro, something that tapers at one end and allows easy gliding – through the hair.  Yes sisters, the pen is your best friend, when you can’t find those darstedly hair ties, that seem to fritter themselves away, like every second sock in our house.  I am known for using a pen, even when there are hair ties in play and a few people know, in the office where I work, that when I have my pen in – i mean business, I’m busy, do not disturb.

Here’s how to do it – simply twist your hair up, as if to start a french chignon – basically a hair sausage, twisted up from the bottom of your head, to the top. Then take the pen, point it downward, take a small section of hair, lift it up, then twist and place the pen on the other side of the ‘sausage’ and poke through to keep in place.  To be fair, practice makes perfect – so get cracking and give it a go.

No. 2 The Paper clip

This little puppy is a super great help in two scenarios – you can use it like it says on the tin, as a clip – but in your hair.  Secondly,  you can use it as a handy temporary/emergency hem keeper-upper, if your hem falls down – just like mine did this week. Having nearly tripped over the hem, I couldn’t walk around like a kid playing dress ups, so I used three paperclips to hold the hem up for the day.  Result!




No.3 The Vivid marker

There are so many uses for this one, but my favourite is to keep one handy for those quick tweaks on a black shoe – especially filling in those scuffs at the front of the shoe, when you are on the run. Or my personal favourite, fixing up the heel of your stiletto, where its worn down or you can see the heel inner.

So there you go, 3 simple life-hacks that help keep your fashion game strong.

Now tell me – what are your fashion life-hacks that you can share with us?  I would love to hear what you have to say.

Mmmmmmwah x

EJ (The Mother of the Sisterhood of Style)




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