Sisterhood it’s Friday!  The happiest day of the week!  I’ve been pondering this blog for a while, so I finally got up and wrote it at sparrows-fart o’clock.  I’d love to know what you think of it! PS: fair warning, I get a bit swearsy in this blog.  Sorry mum. But nothing like a good shit-bomb to really get your point across.

This blog is all about how to dress when you work from home. I was going to call it “How to not dress like a slob”,  but I hated that because slob suggests that dressing in your most comfy gears, slippers, trackies, hoody and a tee is wrong and to be honest, this is my greatest achievement at the end of the day and there’s not one iota of slob factor in there. I’m willing to bet you feel the same about your comfy gears, your soft pants / trackies or loungewear.  So it’s less about dressing like a slob and more about what to wear so you don’t FEEL like a slob and feel motivated and spritely.

What my clients say

I hear it all the time from my clients when I ask them about what they wear to work or hang around the house in.

  • “I don’t know what to wear, so I just wear this” 
  • “This is the only outfit I have that I feel comfortable in” 
  • “No one will see me, so it doesn’t matter” 
  • “I don’t give a shit what I wear when I work from home” 
  • “I don’t work in an environment that needs me to dress up”
  • “I just wear black”

Sound familiar? Do you know what I hear when I hear those words.  You don’t care about yourself enough babe.    Now this ain’t no self help blog, but my whole ethos for Sisterhood is to give a shit about your style, so that it helps you feel more fabulous than you already are.  So I’m reflecting on this.  Work with me here.

I don’t get dressed up to the nines everyday.  I don’t wear red lipstick every single day.  If I have no clients that day, I am unlikely to wear shoes -slippers in winter, bare feet in summer.   But I do try making an effort, I do get out of my PJ’s.  Because as much fun as having a PJ day is (in our house, we devote one day of every school holidays to a PJ day), it’s not ideal work wear – even when working from home.  For a start, no bra can be a real problem for me. Then that feeling of sleep crust takes over and the thought of bed beckons and already I’m keen to hit my pillow again with my sleep mask on.  Yes I wear a sleep mask.  Yes it works.  Yes it’s silk.  Don’t judge me.

So what am I rambling on about?  Here’s my 5 top tips on how to dress when you work from home, so you don’t feel like crawling back into bed AND so you feel that little bit more fabulous about yourself.  Because that shit right there, is my jam.  You + fabulous + confidence = happy, healthy, positive, spring in your step you!

My top 5 tips on how to dress when working from home 

  1. Get dressed.  It seems a simple idea, time-worn even.  But get dressed.  It helps shift your mindset from sleep in – to getting shit done.  Shift your thinking so you believe you are worth getting dressed for.
  2. Wear lipstick.  Say what now, didn’t you just say you DON’T wear lippy on the daily?  I may not wear a bright red lippy everyday (can I get an amen for that) but I do wear a lip gloss or something resembling more than nothing, on my lips.  Because hydration babes.  I’m not a nude lip kind of girl.  My colouring demands a bit of attention paid, otherwise I resemble a beige food.  Also, you will likely look less like you just woke up from a nap.  This also applies when breastfeeding and you want to murder anyone that rings the doorbell while bub is sleeping – put some lippy and mascara on, it helps.  I promise.  It’s a weird psychological trick my mamma taught me and if I did nothing else for myself that day, adding lippy and mascara ensured that I did do something for myself, while I nurtured a baby and generally put myself last.
  3. Dress like everyone is watching.  Not in a weird sexy way girls, c’mon on now…although that could be fun?  No, I mean, dress like you mean it.  Don’t just pull on any old thing, consider what you are wearing and get dressed for YOURSELF.  Make an effort to avoid the comfy clothes for today and use them to slip into tonight – to reward yourself for a hard day on the tools.
  4. You are your store front.  Work is work right, no matter if you mostly work virtually.  You still have to present yourself to the world at some point – on a work Skype call, at the Post Office, school pick up or meeting a real human being for coffee.  Let’s take some time to put pants on, add some earrings, a jacket or a kimono and finally some sort of lip sheen – I don’t want to suggest lipstick on the daily for you babes that hate it.  Give yourself a wee lift, be proud of  your gorgeous self, don’t hide in black – unless it’s the best black outfit you have, full of different textures and shapes!
  5. Do it for YOU. I spend a lot of time in my clients wardrobes and I guess by proxy, in their inner most thoughts. I understand the feelings of feeling trapped by circumstance and mindset and it can be tough to push through that.  But you choose to follow me for a reason, you choose to read these words, so somewhere along the line, something told you, it’s time to take care of YOU.  It’s time to spend a little time on how you feel about yourself and making an effort to feel that little more ‘ready” to face the world.  I consider caring about your style, just one more tool in your box to have on hand to help refine who you are.  You get up and go to the gym, you’ve likely spent some time thinking about your exercise outfit.  Now take the time to think about your outfit for the rest of the day, even if no one is watching.  You are and the view is worth it.

So what do you wear then?

  1. Wear Jeans instead of trackies
  2. Add a colourful scarf to break up the all black outfit or a necklace that brightens your day
  3. Wear some colour on your lips and cheeks
  4. Brush your hair or stick it in a top knot – nothing says business time to me like a bun on top
  5. Add some earrings – earrings for me always suggest finishing off the outfit and if you are wearing them just for yourself and not leaving the house – then bravo you girlfriend.  You rock!

So you do you boo, but consider how freaking great  you’re going to feel come Monday when instead of wearing your PJ’s, your soft pants and no bra, you add some flair, some style, some structure to your working from home outfit.  How about you do it for you.  Go on.  I dare ya.

See you again soon, mmmmwah,

Love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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  • Salome Nourse
    Posted March 29, 2019 2:41 pm 0Likes

    Thank you for writing this. I really needed to read this. Out of my track pants, into jeans, nice blouse, mascara and lippy. Feel so much better and am more productive! It seems I need more nice tops. Love your blog <3

    • Emma
      Posted March 29, 2019 4:20 pm 0Likes

      I am so stoked you liked the blog! A little bit of care and attention on you can definitely make a difference. Thanks so much for letting me know xxx

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