What’s a style challenge?

I usually hate being told what to do.  But then I discovered Style Challenges and I made an exception to my rule.

I wrote about  style challenges once before, when I hosted one, but there are a few people and accounts out there that do it too – incredibly well! Read on to see who I follow when I need a good old style challenge and my thinking done for me.

A style challenge is not a new idea, but it’s become a much bigger deal and easier to access because of Instagram. A style challenge provides you a list of options to wear each day for a set period of time.  For instance, I am following a challenge at the moment which tells me what to wear – for the whole month of June. Fabulous.

Why should I like them – my top 5 reasons

  1. Because you don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning.
  2. A style challenge can help draw things out of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a long time (it’s called shopping in your wardrobe and we love that).
  3. The style challenge can inspire you to put outfits together that you’ve never tried before.  Pairings that you haven’t thought of but may end up loving.
  4. They will likely help you not to buy any new clothes that month, because you will see the “new” in your wardrobe.  They basically save you money.
  5. Someone else does the thinking for you, and for me, that is a sweet sweet relief.  Because it feels like some days, all I do is make decisions for other people.

How do I get involved?

There are heaps of ways to get involved and you can even start one yourself! But mostly, take a look on Instagram at the accounts I suggest below or follow some hashtags to find one for you.  For the month of June, @TeamStyleFile (by the awesome @kimbalikes) on Instagram have their #WinterStyleFile challenge up and running and it’s a doozy.  There’s the simple #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink and last week we had a #doubledenim suggestion.  I love how easy it is to interpret the suggestions to your own needs.

For instance, one day the call was to wear #pearls.  While they are everywhere in the shops at the moment, mostly as embellishments on jeans and shirts, they may not be for everyone.  So the team behind the challenge were encouraging people to “flash their pearly whites” for a selfie, if they couldn’t find a pearl option in their wardrobe.  Of course, if you can’t be bothered or don’t have the option in your closet, then skip a day – no one will know, or care!  It’s all supposed to be fun and easy, no one is winning any prizes here.  It’s an inclusive and enjoyable experience.

Another account that does a great style challenge from time to time is @iCurvy .  By doing a simple #stylechallenge search on Instagram, it brought up over 450,000 results – now not all are challenges to follow, but a quick review pulled up plenty of inspo for someone to use!  Over on my Instagram page for Sisterhood of Style, I’ve done two challenges for the Sisterhood, which was heaps of fun.

Challenge topics might be as simple as the #doubledenim option I mentioned earlier, or as elaborate as wearing a ball dress to work right through to vague ideas that you get to create magic from.  The simple answer to any style challenge question though should be “have fun”.

The fun of creating new outfits, challenging your brain to come up with new looks and the satisfaction of finding new opportunities within your wardrobe is just too good not to get involved in. What it doesn’t mean is having to play along in public.  If you want to share it, do.  If not, just walk around styled high and feel bloody fabulous about yourself and your outfit of the day.

I’d love to hear from you if you are currently doing a style challenge and which one you are doing. Even better, send me your suggestions or agreement if you’d like me to do another one soon!  After all, I’m getting used to be told what to do!

Lots of love, EJ x

The Mother of the Sisterhood of Style x

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