Hello you sensational Sisterhood.  I have a cautionary tale to share. A social media filter can sometimes make a drab photo fabulous.  I wanted to find out if it could make my life fabulous too.

Filters and fabulousness

It was a Monday, 7pm-ish. To be specific, it was the second Monday of the school holidays and I’d been working. I’d been juggling the handovers, the takeovers, the switchovers and the caregiving. Not to mention, the dinner being made, the clothes to be washed, the activity schedule for the rest of the week and my own work. Let’s just say, that I was looking a little less than spritely by this hour and I needed a pick me up.

My kids LOVE the snapchat filters.  I live on Instagram, not so much on Snapchat, but I love me a filter and let’s be honest, Snaps does it best.  So I sidle on over there occasionally and partake in a filter sesh.  Last Monday night seemed like the right time to dabble.  I was also secretly looking forward to finding the secret (it wasn’t so secret, it was just at the very end of the queue) Game of Thrones filter.  So you know, there was time to waste (not really at all) and some filters to find.

Filters and the truth

Suddenly I was thrown down a rabbit hole of looking at myself through rose tinted glasses.  Very quickly, I lost a few kilos, scored glowing (wrinkle) free skin.  Dare I say it, I looked ravishing in some, freaky in others and down right wrong in most.  My boys loved the ones that make your voice change.  Me, I just fancied myself something chronic, looking like  a 20 year old full of fillers and botox.  Sen-freaking-sational.

I don’t want you to think I have designs on myself, but let me remind you of how I was feeling on this day.  Rancid, wretched, wrinkly, dry, tired and over it.  Then, through the power of a f**king great filter, I was reborn. Then I turned myself into a unicorn and I was set for life.   I loved it.  For five minutes, I felt sensational.  The wine made me do it, but I decided to post the pic to my Instagram stories.  Let everyone bask in the glory of the filter.  It was epic.  Wasn’t it?

But that’s when things took a sinister turn.  I mean not sinister sinister, just a little bit icky.  I took a quick reality check on myself and asked what bloody vanity project is this?  NOT what Sisterhood of Style stands for at all.  So while I filtered my life to perfection in that first five minutes of filter loveliness, I remind myself that while it’s fun and it helps you out when you’re feeling less than lovely, it’s not what life is all about is it?

While it’s fun to portray yourself differently and to show a very best side of yourself, that’s not always the real picture.  So I countered the prettiness, the perfect filter, with one that was a little more rugged, a little less that what my best self looked like.  It made my kids nearly wee themselves from laughter.  My husband got wierded out.  I had succeeded.

Filters and you

I love styling and helping women gain more confidence in themselves, because, well, it’s just a bloody lovely thing to do for a living. I do it, so that we unwrap a woman’s true self, one that’s been hiding behind ill fitting clothes, a haphazard style, no time, child-rearing, a busy job and likely putting everyone else first.

Not everyone has time for snapchat filters and the more permanent types of filters that are on offer out there.  But everyone has time to sort their wardrobe and make themselves feel that little bit better everyday, through their own style, via their wardrobes.

So there you go.  Filters can make you look sensational, otherworldly and downright bloody awesome. However, what I want you to takeaway from this blog is that you can make yourself feel just as sensational.  By giving yourself the chance to feel confident, in your own skin.  It’s time.  You’re fabulous.

Mmmmmwah, love EJ, the Mother of the Sisterhood xo

The rugged manly me
Why can’t I look like this all the time filter
I’m a unicorn and in heaven filter
The me without a filter filter.

If you’d like to have a free consult on what a styling session is all about, I’d love to chat.  You can reach me on Facebook Messenger, send me a text on 021 344 721 or email me on emma@sisterhoodofstyle.com

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