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I'm a personal stylist that works with you to create a wardrobe that helps you feel great about how you look - I also blog a lot!

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What My Clients Say

If you’ve been putting off booking EJ to go through your wardrobe or take you for a shopping session open your email and book it in right now!

I must admit I was super bored of my wardrobe and usually that would prompt a shopping trip where I’d buy a pile of random things I thought I needed but didn’t love. But last time I booked EJ instead and after an hour she’d doubled the amount of outfits by putting things together in ways I’d never have, plus reawakened my love of my existing lovely clothes. Best (and cheapest!) non-shopping trip ever!

I was so impressed I even booked EJ to take me real-shopping. Now to be clear I do not like shopping. I have never been one who hangs at the mall, waits for the must-have item of the season or even gets joy from scrummaging through sale racks. I like wearing nice clothes but really wish they’d just turn up each morning, like in movies.

However my winter wardrobe was at the threadbare stage so I booked EJ and it was Ah-may-zing. She took me to stores I never would’ve felt comfortable walking into (way too colourful! Way too cool!) and I now have the most beautiful and multi-purpose winter wardrobe of my adulthood. It really was the best investment. Every piece bought was bought with purpose and no dud items are sitting in the wardrobe with the tags on until I finally give-away (you know you’ve done this!).

If you need a wardrobe refresh I can’t recommend EJ’s services highly enough.

Wendy Thompson

Wendy Thompson

Hey EJ I just wanted to thank you for last night. You are such a wonderful and inspiring leader. You gave wonderful, practical and uplifting advice to all of us. Just want to add ahahah that I love your authentic & genuine want to help empower other women. I love how your self taught style & confidence through life is helping others #nocookiecutters  Definitely recommend! A group of us ladies did it last night wicked fun and so informative!



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